Lost in the Feeling

We step out on the dance floor
The band starts to play
Holding you close I get carried away
Finding that falling is easy to do
Lost in the feeling with you.

Time standing still as I whirl you around
We're dancing without
Even touching the ground
Finding that falling is easy to do
Lost in the feeling with you.

No words are spoken
That don't need to be said
You and the music
Had gone to my head.

But I'll just go on
When the music is through
Lost in the feeling with you

Last night we went out with this couple we met from Clearwater who knew they had a gay karaoke country night here in Florida. I must say we had a good time neither me or Mikey are club kids just never got into it. Mikey had never been until he came 2 visit me once in Atlanta and I think that just blew him away. Anyway we agree we would go out with them for a few hours can't stay naked in the house with your boyfriend forever can you? Mikey is a good singer but 2 get him 2 do anything in public is like pulling teeth but he surprised me last night and he got up and sang and he said this 4 my baby. Aww I know I cried also Mikey I Love You Baby!

Oh any of u that want 2 see Daniel aka Harry Potter naked leave me a comment or shoot me an email I have a link that shows him totally naked and its damn hot could be fake but who cares still hot as hell!

Later from Florida!
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