Moving On

Wow I can’t believe I'm gonna be moving for the second time in 4 months after I had spent the first 20 years or so in my little hometown. It’s gonna be so exciting and cool to have our own place. Sure it will be a little scary and I don’t think I would have ever did it if it wasn’t for Ryan. I could have honestly seen myself staying in my little town my whole life. Then along comes Ryan and pulls me out of my rut I was in and were off into the big bad world. I do feel bad for Ryan's mom and I completely understand her concerns and I have promised her I will take care of her boy. Were not leaving for almost a month I think but she has already got 3 pages of things written up for me to remember. Some of you who read our blog may think Ryan's mom is to overprotective or even smothering him and I use to think that to when I first met him. Then I got to know her and she told me the problems Ryan had being born and how he struggled the first couple months of his life then it changed my mind about her. I don’t know how long some of you have been reading our blog but Ryan had a blog he deleted before he came over to mine. The reason I mention it is when he had the blog and on his 18th birthday his mom had me sneak on to his blog since I knew his password and post a message she wanted him to see. Well I saved it fortunately and I wanted to repost it here today and maybe it will help everyone about why his mom is so protective of him. So here's the complete message from his old blog.

A Baby Boy! Tiny baby sneakers and a denim bib, he looks like dad with a bit of mom too! A bundle of love from heaven above is a new baby boy for you. Infancy is precious and fleeting, enjoy the enchantment of each day. Cherish each magical moment, fill his life with love in every way.

Today my baby boy you turn 18 a young man now but you will always be my baby boy.
I remember the day you were born but let me go back a couple years before that.
Me and your father wanted to have a baby and we tried but it wasn't working the doctor told us it wasn't going to happen for us and we should seek other means.
We decided if it wasn't meant to be then it wasn't meant to be. I prayed and prayed and then a couple years later I got the news you were coming.

Ryan my baby as you know it was hard on you and me and you came way too soon and they didn't know if you would make it. I told them yes he will he's a fighter and the angels are watching him. You had a lot of problems that you still carry with you and always will but they never stop you from being the best at anything you did. I am very proud of everything you did the awards for swimming, baseball you made me very proud.

In your short life Ryan some bad things have happened to you and I take most of the blame for them. Baby I felt I let you down. I wish I would have done more so nothing or nobody would have hurt you. Now again you are going through some things that I can't take away just know I am here baby boy and you do not have to go through it alone.

I want to give thanks to Mike for helping me get this on Ryan's blog.

I am so very proud of the young man you have become!
This is your day enjoy it to the fullest!
Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

Love Mom
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