Thanx for all the support it means more 2 me than I think I could ever let you all know. Mikey is not doing good at all he has broken bones and a bad head injury. He's in a coma and they tell me that's a good thing right now but I don't understand that. His Mom is here with us. I can't say thanx enough for the love and support ya'll are giving me right now. I am trying 2 stay strong right now but I feel I am gonna blow at any moment. I just don't know what 2 do and I got this headache I can't get rid of. They made me come home last night my Mom stayed with him and Dad is getting ready 2 take me back up. I just wanted 2 post something I know u guys r checking in everyday waiting on me sorry I haven't gave ya'll an update b4 now. Please keep praying for Mikey!

One other thing normally I wouldn't say anything but I am pissed and Mikey normally takes care of the comments b4 I can see them and I don't know how 2 go into and delete the comment coz it's in his name. Shirley you fucking cunt I make you a promise here in black and white when MY BOYFRIEND gets better I am coming for you and what you stand for. I see in the papers and TV what you sick fucks do and I am tired of it. You think you know all about hell let me tell you something bitch you anit see hell until you seen this fag all worked up and you pushed the right button and now I am worked up. My Dad will be on your ass so go back and get ready coz I am gonna show you about hell fire and brimstone!

Thanx again 2 all my blogging friends what a great family you are! Keep the prayers coming!
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