Yesterday I sit in Mikeys room they don't have tv's in the icu so I brought my little pocket held tv so he could hear the race. I wish he would wake up! I sit there and cried why the race was on hell I don't even know who won. We use 2 cuddle up on the bed and watch the race it was our thing 2 do. I thought bringin in the tv was what he would want. Both my Moms made me come home last night I have got 2 know Mikeys Mom very well and she is such a sweet lady. She said at first when Mikey told her she didn't know what 2 think but she said now she can tell how much I love her boy and how happy he is 2 be with me. Ok the tears are just coming down now I just wanted 2 let ya'll know there is no change in Mikey. It's a wait and see thing now and that is just killing me. I also want 2 say thanks for all the emails the cards and comments I have printed them all out and I will read them 2 him today,well the good comments. Also thanks for the support u give me & Mikey because of your good comments the bad 1's dont mean shit and your right they will get theres in the end. Well that's it 4 now I'm on the way 2 the hospital.

Again thanks so much 4 your support. I know Mikey will be so happy ya'll are looking out 4 me!
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