Bologna Burger

Just wanted 2 give a quick update before people head off 2 their weekend. Today they are gonna be setting Mikeys cast and takin some of the metal braces away. There is his ankle that the needs 2 be reset they don't like the way its setting. I'm not sure what that means but I bet I don't want 2 know either. Then Monday they said more than likely we could move him to a rehab center and on the road to being Mikey again. I know that is a long road but least now I can see it. Whatever it takes is what I will do!

Oh yesterday when Mom was leaving Mikey ask her is she could bring him back a bologna burger with onions. Any of ya'll know what that is? I tell u one thing that's country right there!

Thanx 4 all the Love and Support.
Have a fun & safe weekend.
Love from Atlanta!
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