Hard Times

Just wanted 2 give ya'll an update on Mikey somedays are better than others this past weekend was kinda bad. He is becoming very angry on somethings. Like when they want 2 bath him he don't like that at all. I have done it for him a few times even my Mom has and he's ok with that but when they want 2 do it he becomes very upset. I know it kinda sounds weird that my Mom would help or bath him but you have 2 understand my family and most of u do I think from reading my blog for the last three years. My family has always been very open about our bodies. It took Mikey some time 2 get use 2 that but he finally did. He is very private when it comes 2 his body and I think it bothers him when other people touch him. He has become very angry with the people at the hospital and it's not his style and I try 2 tell them that. They say they understand I just hope they do.

The scariest thing that happened this weekend is he tried 2 get up out of bed while I was sleeping. He has a broken leg and on the other his ankle is broken but he tried and of course he fell and he pulled some iv's out and was very upset. The alarms went off and the nurses come running in he said he wanted 2 go home. He cant feed himself right now and that upsets him. He told me yesterday if I wanted 2 find a guy that wasn't broken he would understand. All I could do was cry. I finally told him that wasn't gonna happen I didn't want anyone else I wanted him and he would get better again. I told him when we started dating I found my soul mate and its 4 life and I meant it. We cried together and he just held my hand. This is very hard on me and I am being strong 4 Mikey I am glad I have u guys 2 listen 2 me and give me support I don't have a lot of friends 2 talk 2 and this is kinda my way 2 let some of it out and ya'll seem 2 know what 2 say 2 get me thru another day Thanx! I will update u more when I can.
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