Mr Sexy

On this blog we don't do a lot of self pics we just didn't want this blog 2 be about posting pics of us. Over the years we have taken a lot of heat 4 it also right down 2 being called fake. But in the couple years we been here we have from time 2 time threw up a pic or 2. Well I am feeling all gooey on the inside and just so much in love with the most beautiful man in the world and even tho he don't think so he anit here 2 stop me from putting him up on a pedestal for the world 2 see. My Baby shouldn't hide his beauty from the world I think his beautiful smile and the sweetest eyes should be shared so the rest of the world can see how I just melt looking at him. I Love You Sexy!

Oh I am running a few posts behind sorry I will catch up soon just been so damn busy. I will catch you up on what happen at the rehab and why the cops were there and why Mikey we moved Mikey 2 another center.

Later from Atlanta!

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