Rehab Drama

Sorry for making ya'll wait on the rehab details. We got Mikey moved from the hospital 2 the rehab center and his first few days were ok somewhat. He was fighting them pretty hard not wanting to do the things they needed him 2 do. When he moved into his room he was the only one in there and after a few days they told us another boy would be sharing a room with Mikey with the same kinda accident that Mikey had. I thought this is good they will be able 2 talk 2 each other and maybe help each other get thru this ordeal. I wasn't there when they brought this boy in just my Mom was there and from what she told me they him and his kin were nice. When I came in the curtain between the 2 beds was open and everyone was talking things seem 2 be cool.

My Dad was gonna spend the night with Mikey coz I still not wanting him 2 b alone it was about 5 maybe and I was going home I have just been drained lately. I went up 2 Mikey gave him a kiss and told him I loved him and would see him in the morning. The father 2 the boy in the other bed said wow you and your brother must be close my boys would never kiss each other on the lips like that. I said he's not my brother he's my boyfriend. The guys face drop and said you mean 2 tell me u 2 are fags? I said excuse me? He then ape shit crazy and said there is no way we are sharing a room with a bunch of queers! Then my Dad jump in and a lot of stuff was said a lot of yelling Dad called the police and they showed up these people were getting out of control.

The rehab center tried 2 control everything but they couldn't even this kid was running his redneck mouth. Saying he wasn't gonna stay in a room with a fag and get screwed in the ass. Please first off he's 2 young another thing he's 2 ugly and another Mikey would never cheat on me! Anyway back 2 the story at hand. That kid said if he could walk he would take care of us fags! I am like wtf that is a threat! The cops heard him also and told him he better watch what he speaks his mouth was going 2 get him into trouble. Well the rehab place was gonna move the kid and his family 2 another room but my Dad said don't bother we would be taking Mikey home and 2 another center. They tried 2 talk us out of it but I was on my Dad's side and would never feel safe Mikey being there even if one of us was there with him.

So we found him a new center and it's closer 2 the house and he seems 2 like it a lot. We also got a private room no more sharing rooms. Seems like if in anit for bad luck we just wouldn't have any at all. I don't understand guess I never will why people look at what me and Mikey have as being nasty, bad, gross without him I am not me I know he feels the same. I don't go up 2 str8 people and say eww u make me sick so how come we are told that? Sorry I know the answer 2 the question I still get upset because people tell me the love I have for Mikey is wrong and I just don't see it. If 2 people love each other thru thick and thin and would die for the other how can that be wrong?

Later from Atlanta!
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