Gay TV

I have been doing a lot of reading and watching TV with Mikey. We watch a lot of Logo TV for those that don't know what Logo is its a gay network. They have a lot of great shows on there I never really got 2 watch a lot of TV before Mikey's accident just we always had a lot going on and TV just didn't fit into our time. So now with him in rehab we been watching a lot of TV. Now the reason for this post is as much as I like Logo and what they do on there network I am really ticked at there commercials. Seems like most of there commercials are to do with over weight people. I personally think this is not a good thing seems like in the gay community they except us 2 look a certain way well I think this is bull.

Mikey is always telling me I am 2 skinny and I try 2 gain weight but I can't now he always thinks he's 2 fat and I think he looks fine. Now the problem I have with these commercials is people don't need it throw in there face that there over weight they already know this. Now boflex is at the top of my list of bad commercials they have one where a guy says he gay all his fat clothes to his fat friends 2 me that is just wrong. People don't need reminded they are over weight they know this. Now I don't have a problem with commercials telling people about there products and that it might help them lose weight but every damn commercial is about over weight I just think the gay community makes people feel bad about themselves. They preach love one another and let's all get along but they pick and choose who they want 2 pick on.

I have a few friend that are over weight and they know it. They don't need my skinny ass telling them about it. They need support and they need 2 know they are beautiful just they way they are. These commercial bother me something awful. Over weight people don't need it throw in there face they carry there pain with them everyday just like me and my hearing I don't want people 2 look at me and think oh he's a retard coz he has hearing aids. We need 2 show love 2 everyone period no matter what they carry with them. I think Logo needs 2 rethink there commercials and put new 1's up I mean I just think it's bad for a skinny guy 2 sit there and say I gave all my fat clothes to my fat friends. To me that is just a terrible thing 2 do. Later this week I have a surprise 4 ya'll!

Later from Atlanta!
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