Mikey Update & Question from Evan

I have so much on my mind I just can't find the time 2 write it all down and post it so I can get ya'lls thoughts. So please bear with me I will get all my thoughts up. Before I get into what I want 2 talk about today I want 2 give an update on Mikey. He is doing better everyday seems 2 be better than the day before. He is still having troubles talking sayin some words walking is not coming along that great and his doctor thinks he might have 2 redo his ankle lets pray that is not the case. His head 2 hand is doing better than anything else. He does get upset quick coz he knows what he wants 2 say but cant get it out right and this makes him very angry. That's about it on Mikey for now still a long road ahead of us but we will get thru it. We have lots of people pulling and that is the best medicine in the world.

Ok I got an email from a reader who wanted 2 know how come we never talk about clubs and parting an such. First off Mikey is total against drinking if you read this blog for a while ya'll know why. If not let me sum it up Mikeys Dad was a drunk and was very mean 2 his Mom and him and the drinking finally killed his father. As for me I have had a few drinks now and then I have even went 2 a few clubs with a fake id just 2 check it out. I even had Mikey go so he could see what it was like. He didn't like it much and I could take it or leave it. I didn't mind it don't get me wrong and don't have nothing against people that go it's just if I am happy at home why do I need 2 be at these clubs.

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In the email he also ask how could we settle when were so young? That's easy I found my soulmate most people look all there life and never find a soulmate. I have mine and I know it coz I just look at him and I melt I would die 4 him and I know he would 4 me. I know we are not your average gay people coz we found each other and we are happy so we don't need to look anymore. I also say what's wrong with settling down and making a life. There is more 2 life than a club or your next cock. My grandparents married when they were just kids and still together. My parents the same even tho they went thru a patch where it looked like they wasn't gonna make it but they worked it out and there making it. I think if people my age would try it they might find they like it.

Thanks 4 the email Evan!

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Later from Atlanta!
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