A Thief in the Night

Well the weekend was ok I guess I mean Mikey is getting better as ya'll can tell. So I spent most of the weekend at rehab center with him. The people at rehab even let me help with some of his rehab not only that I have help them with a few other patients the lady in charge told me I might want 2 think of a career in rehab. With me being a swimmer the pool excise they have them do I have been a big help on and 2 be on honest I really have been enjoying helping out. Maybe its my calling I will have 2 check into it. Maybe something else good will come out of Mikey's accident.

A few things I want 2 get into while Mikey is down getting his walking in. There is this boy that's here and he tried 2 kill himself. He is one I been helping with well I got him talking a little yesterday and found out the reason he tried 2 kill himself. Yeah it's coz he is gay. I was just taking away for a sec and he could tell he ask you have a problem with gays? I told him lord no I am gay and my boyfriend was in here. He ask what happen and I told him. I had 2 ask him why did u feel your only option was 2 take your life? He thought for a second and said his parents disown him and he was thrown out. I said ok I ask again why you feel this was your only option?

He said I won't understand I said try me! He said he felt alone in the world felt like only way 2 feel loved was 2 give his body away. He said he got tired of living on the street and having sex just 2 eat. He was right I was even more blown away. Later that day I pushed Mikey down 2 his room so we could talk some more and we told him he don't need 2 feel that way anymore that there are people that care and there is places that can help and we would do whatever we could also. He cried a bit said he thinks God had somehow made sure he lived and found his way 2 us. I found out later he came from a Christian family and they now are in some sort of trouble over all this.

Course my parents are gonna do what they have 2 make sure this kid has a fair chance we talked about till the wee hours of the morning. I'll keep ya' ll updated on this kid also. Now for some freak out news while I am helping Mikey and others someone decided they wanted in my truck real bad so they broke a window and help themselves to stuff I had in there. Lets see I had my laptop in there I had some clothes in there some books some dvd's some money in the glove box (not much) All of this and they even had time 2 steal the radio and rear dvd player that was attached 2 the roof. Nobody seen a thing and nobody heard the alarm going off. I mean the stole my laptop dammit there were things on there not meant for anybody 2 see.

I have my old laptop but this one was kinda new. I told my Dad there were things on there that was meant not 2 been seen and he said well this should teach u not 2 keep things on a laptop coz there is always someone that want's your laptop more than you. I am like thanx Dad this makes me feel a whole lot better. So I had 2 tell Mikey this morning what happen he understands and kinda laugh at me told me I shouldn't keep things on there they should be kept on a disk. Ok Dad number 2 thanx! So I guess all I can hope for is thing don't get out right? I have learn a lesson don't trust damn car alarms they don't stop thief's from taking what they want. Hope your weekend was good!

Later from Atlanta!
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