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Everyone knows how much me and Mikey are into Nascar. I bet you think I am gonna talk about Dale Jr well I'm not. I want to talk about being gay and liking sports. I know people stereotype gay people, they look at a gay guy as being a nelly bottom shopping and hanging around with his fag hags when he's not with his boyfriend. Well I am here 2 speak up and say not all that is true. Yes I love 2 shop and Mikey don't. I am not getting into who is the top and who is the bottom 2 me that is something that is private and should not be talked about on a blog. Some of you have I have talked 2 and u know and if it makes that big of a deal 2 ya send me and email and we will talk about. But back to the topic we are into sports. Me and Mikey both are Atlanta Braves fans. I am a Atlanta Falcon fan, Mikey is a Miami Dolphins fan and we both love Nascar.

Now I know most of the sports world don't do anything 2 attract the gay community and I am not saying they should go out of there way. But they total don't do anything they turn a blind eye 2 the gay community but they don't mind taking our gay dollar. See I feel if Nascar or baseball even football would speak up and say yeah we know we have gay fans and we love them as much as the other fans it's a start right? I just wonder if we would take like one day and all the gay people would not go, maybe not buy a t-shirt or do anything that has 2 do with sports they would then see hey we lost a lot of money today we need to speak up and say we want the gay community coming also. I just think it would be a start if one of these sports would speak up and maybe more and more people in America can see we are not gonna hurt them and we all can get along together just fine.

Now I have Sirius radio in my truck and in my bedroom and my parents have it and we totally love it. Yesterday on my way home from visiting Mikey I had it on the Nascar station channel 128 and was listening 2 Dave Moody and he has AJ Allmendinger on his show and AJ is on every week and I always like listening 2 him talk about how his race was on Sunday and he kinda cracks jokes and really just can be his self. The different side of drivers we hardly ever see. Well I can't even remember what they were talking about coz he said a word that just threw me for a loop. He said I shouldn't have said that it sounded HOMO. I was like omg he just said it sounded homo right then and there. I totally lost all respect I had for AJ. I know it's just a word but he used it in a way that meant gay people are less than him. Like he is better than any gay person and that pisses me right off!

I love my Sirius and I love Nascar but I see this as a problem that we face everyday and I feel this is why we have all the hate going on. I know homo is just a word just like queer or faggot but when it is said in a way that AJ used it 2 me its a hurtful word. Just like back in the 60's when people was using the word nigger as a hate word. I personally think all these words should be banned. Sirius has a gay channel and I listen 2 it a lot and have taken some of the things I heard on there and have shared them on this blog. I am all about freedom of speech but somewhere we have 2 draw the line. I am tired of being treated like I am a second class citizen and it's ok 2 use homo in a way that hurts. There are shows on Sirius that a person can listen 2 if they want 2 hear that crap but on a channel where a lot of different people listen is just wrong. I feel the Nascar channel and AJ Allmendinger owes me and the rest of the gay community an apology. I know I won't get it hell they won't even know that I wrote about this.

People please remember words do hurt and we need 2 change. There is nobody in this world any better than anybody else and when we all learn this we all can get along and the hate will stop. I do believe this.

I want 2 leave u with a Nascar video I found on You Tube I just think is cute. Kasey Kahne is in it along with Juan Montoya, David Stremme and my buddy Reed Sorenson so enjoy!

Later from Atlanta!
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