True Colors

Yesterday in Massachusetts lawmakers took a stand and blocked a constitutional amendment this is a big step and the right step. If the lawmakers in Massachusetts can take a stand just think what it would be like if the rest of America did. Read the story here Massachusetts blocks amendment.

Some Quotes from the story

"We're proud of our state today, and we applaud the Legislature for showing that Massachusetts is strongly behind fairness," said Lee Swislow, executive director of Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders.

Jean Chandler, 62, of Cambridge, came with fellow members of her Baptist church in an effort to rebuff the image that strict followers of the Bible are opposed to gay marriage.
"I think being gay is like being left-handed," Chandler said. "If we decided left-handed people couldn't marry, what kind of society would we be?"

Now lets talk about Cyndi Lauper and the True Colors True I think what she is doing is also a great. The tour was conceived by Cyndi she wanted to give back to the community that love and supported her throughout her career. The True Colors Tour will bring together Americans across the country to voice their solidarity against discrimination and for equality and raise public awareness about the issues facing the gay, lesbian bisexual and transgender community. True Colors is a celebration of basic values and freedoms that be shared by all Americans. Cyndi says "this tour was created to celebrate our differences by raising awareness for liberty, fairness and dignity for everyone not just some of us." Check out the tour and dates here True Color Tour.
I have been ask to speak at pride in Piedmont Park at first I thought why me? Mikey being the wonderful man he is ask why not you? If all goes well Mikey will be there also. I am also going to be working at pride this year and no not working that honey! haha I volunteer to work the festival this is the first time I'll be working and not out checking everything out. I will let those who want 2 know what time I will be speaking I would love 2 see and meet any of u that will be there for pride. Pride this year in Atlanta is the 22nd thru the 24th.

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