A Little This A Little That

Well I don't know what I am doing wrong but I can't keep my blood sugar where it needs 2 be. Mom is having a fit I swear sometimes she thinks I am still 13 or something. It's not like I am doing this on purpose damn think I like having 2 watch what I eat and having 2 always check my blood. Anyway I'm working on it. I went 2 a club last night I am not a big club person I think I don't fit in with them let me tell you why. First off I think I am way 2 skinny and them guys in there are like buff. Another thing hooking up for a quickie hasn't been my thing I did that when I was 15 so it just leaves me empty. Check this out tho this kinda got 2 me a bit we were sitting there talkin and stuff when I heard this guy behind talkin about us at my table and he said the boy is cute but look at his ears he can't hear. WTF? Just coz I have aids in my ears means what I'm ugly I can't hear well I heard his ass talking about me. Gay people can been so mean and so picky I think that's why many of them are single. Well I don't have much else been kinda boring lately sorry.

Later from Atlanta!

Update: Want 2 know a secret about me check out It's Raining Men.
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