Is it just another day?


Today I had lunch with my Mom and a friend and his Mom. We were talking about what we were doing and all on September 11, 2001. When out of the blue this guy sitting at another table said it's just another day on the calender. I was blow away by this I was thinkin how could you say that! I finally had 2 say something I said tell that 2 the people that lost there loves ones. I was so angry I couldn't think of anything else 2 say I just cried. After we left there we went 2 the mall and it got me thinkin about what that guy said so I decided I was gonna find out so I went 2 the food court and ask some people. I don't want 2 give away what I found out until I get your input but is September 11 just another day on the calender?
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