Best Friends!

Growing up I didn't have many friends I posted about this b4. I still don't really I have more living here than I did in Atlanta. Anyhoo the reason for this post is I want 2 explain what Corey is 2 me. Corey 2 me is my best friend I have never had a male best friend all my life. I have had guys as friends but they were not best friends or even close. My best friend in Georgia was a girl nothing wrong with that I just always wanted a boy as my best friend. Now I want 2 make it clear that me and Corey are best friends only nothing more we both decided this is what we want. Don't get me wrong Corey is a good looking guy and I can see why anybody would want 2 jump his bones just we don't want 2 screw up a friendship by crossing that line. Besides it's just nice 2 be naked in front of another guy without having 2 worry about it being about sex. I just wanted 2 clear that up. Corey is my best friend and were gonna keep it that way. Corey I Love You Buddy! Now I got that out don't get me wrong I look at ya'll that I blog with as good friends also hell without ya I don't know how I would have got thru some of the shit I have. Some of u I have met some of u I haven't yet but I feel I will someday and oh what a day that will be.
This might be my last post until I get back from The House that Jimmie Built that would sometime on Sunday maybe Corey can throw something up until then.
Have a Good Week and a Sweet Weekend!

5 Responses
  1. Sexy Duet Says:

    It's great that you have found a friend that you enjoy hanging out with and that you watch out for each other.

    You know to look me up if you ever come Down Under.

    Ms SD

  2. Polt Says:

    Well if you two have so much fun being naked in front of each other, you should let the rest of us in on the fun and post some photos! :)

    I kid, I kid! I kid because I love. :)


  3. Ed Says:

    I have a best friend who is a male and we never had sex either. I've known him for 40 years. Now he is very sick and losing ground fast. I can't visit him in the hospital because I'm not related and his dad wn't put me on the
    he visitor list.
    Best friends are forever.
    He drew a circle that shut me out-Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout. But Love and I had the wit to win: We drew a circle that took him in! Hugs and brotherly kisses to Ryan and Corey!

  4. Cheeky Says:

    Male or Female best friends are precious and rare. You are lucky to have found a great friend in Corey.

  5. patti_cake Says:

    Glad that you have a best friend in Corey! :)

    Dang I was pulling for Smoke on Sunday but nobody would draft with him!