Oh what a bad boy

Someone is not feeling well today he had a little to much to drink last night. We went to this drag show and the boy that never drinks decided he wanted a drink. Next thing I know he had a fifth of Jack and was the life of the party. We had to go back today and get his truck. We were at least smart and took a cab home. There was this guy wearing this I Hate Breeders shirt and Ryan being all drunk said to him hey if it wasn't for breeders your little gay ass wouldn't be here. I swear he is a trip sober but drunk I couldn't keep up with him.

6 Responses
  1. patti_cake Says:

    Yay for him for taking up for us breeders! LOL Boo for hangovers! Feel better quick sweetie!

  2. Cheeky Says:

    OH Boooo on the hangovers (ummm I have to admit that me and Jim didn't get along last week either..hehe).

    Breeders? OH that is HILARIOUS...I am a breeder - I am gonna use that one!

  3. jimm Says:

    ahhh well, happens to the best of us.

  4. Polt Says:

    Ooooo, I HATE hangovers...

    Tylenol and lots and lots and lots of water...that's the only thing that works.


  5. Ed Says:

    Say Ryan, you know Polt, who comments here on your blog a lot? His Daddy died and would be nice if you could e-mail him or send him a comment to his blog. I was over on his blog reading but I couldn't keep reading it because my eyes won't hold their water long enough. Pray for his family.

  6. chaos Says:

    *snickers* bet he won't do that anytime soon! Thanks for taking up for us breeders/semi-straight folks!