Pissed Off

For me 2 get Corey up in the morning is a big job that boy will sleep till noon if u let him. I wanted 2 spend some time with him since I knew I would be leaving tomorrow for a few days. So I get him up this morning so we could go 2 this cafe an get breakfast and then maybe a little shopping would do us both some good. Well at the cafe something bad happen. Many times I been 2 this cafe and never had any troubles I have even seen other gays there so I thought it was a safe place. We were siting there having breakfast and Corey went 2 the bathroom no big deal but he didn't come back right away so I went 2 check. When I went into the bathroom Corey was laying on the floor. He had his lip busted open I open the bathroom door and yelled for help. Corey told me he was attack by a guy who said he hated fags. What the fuck? The police and emt's were called I made Corey go 2 the ER even thou he said he was ok. Thank God he was he is home now and sleeping.

My Mom is on here way here also. I can't believe this why is this crap still happing? The thing that pissed me off the most was the first cop ask Corey if he was hitting on the guy like trying to pick him up or did Corey look over at his penis and it set the guy off? Why would he even ask that my God it's a bathroom in a cafe I don't think Corey was there to pick someone up. Corey told that ass of a cop the guy wasn't his type said he was a big guy with 2 much hair. (that almost sounds like the smart ass cop that was asking questions) I was getting pissed at this cop and that's when another officer showed up he took over thank God. Found out he was gay and he tries to handle gay crimes. He was calling it what it was a hate crime. All I know is I am very upset over this I know Corey and I know he wasn't hitting on no biker looking man or looking at his cock in a public bathroom we don't do things like that. Does he feel good coz he can beat up a 125 pound kid that wouldn't know how 2 fight if he had 2? You know I moved 2 this area for many reason and one was I felt safe coz of the gay community now I am not sure. I think I am gonna postpone my trip and stay here with Corey.

I'll keep you updated as I find out things.
Be safe ya'll keep your eyes open!
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