I was tryin 2 think how can I be mad at haters when I am one myself. Let me explain I come on here and write most of the time it's just dumb stuff I know but there is other times I lay my heart out. Like when me and Mikey was together I laid out how much I was in love with him and I had people leave comments and try 2 tear us down. Other times I write on things in the gay community and have people come on and spew there hate about gay's. I come on here yesterday and talk about a horrible day I and Corey have and I get comments and emails calling me a lair and a drama queen say my blog is all made up. Hell there are pricks out there that even think I am fake. I have been dealing with this since I started my old blog boy in atlanta normally I don't let this bother me just like the phelps clan that can't seem 2 leave me alone.

After 5 years of blogging and many of you have followed me from the very first blog it's finally getting 2 me. I am not gonna stop bloggin but I am thinkin about going private with invite only 2 this blog. I hate doing that I so much believe in freedom of speech but like I said 5 years of the same people accuse me of whatever it finally got 2 me. Like I said there is many of you that has follow me from the very first blog and I think if I was fake or whatever after 5 years I would have stumble or fuck up and been caught up in it somehow one would think right? Why would I go and make up something this horrible a hate crime come on? Some of you know me personally have met me so why do I feel I have something I need 2 prove 2 these people that have nothing else better 2 do then come on my blog or send me emails just 2 tell me how much they hate me or how they think I am fake. Shit I don't know what 2 do next I think going private might be the answer.

So I hate and I need 2 change this.

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