This past weekend I didn't do anything I laid around the pool and on the sofa and watched movies. I watched a movie over the weekend that I haven't seen in a long time I remember the first time I seen it scared me. So Saturday we decided 2 order a pizza and some hot wings pile up on the sofa and watch scary movies. Corey picked out Halloween and I love that movie also the one I pick out was Psycho with Anthony Perkins. Like I said the first time I seen this movie I was just a kid and the shower scene scared the hell out of me. I have 2 say even this past weekend just like when I was a kid I think Anthony Perkins is totally hot. I remember seeing it when I was a kid and thinking damn that actor is yummy! I did so research on Anthony and I find out he passed away in 1992 from complications of aids. According to Wikipedia Anthony said he is bisexual and had affairs with Rock Hudson, Tab Hunter, dancer Rudolf Nureyeu, composer Stephen Sondheim, and dancer Grover Dale with who he had a six year relationship with prior to his marriage. He claimed to be exclusively gay until his late 30's when he met actress Victoria Principal. On a side note Anthony's window died on American Airlines Flight 11 on September 11, 2001 he also had two sons actor Osgood "Oz" Perkins and musician Elvis Perkins. It sounds like to me Anthony was like many actors back then had to hide who he really was. It a shame that he couldn't be who he really was but so is life. I know back then it's even harder than it is today and many gay or bi actors still hide. I understand why but I still think its sucks that they can't be who they are. As far as the movie Psycho I can't believe there are people that might not have seen it so if your one of them people go rent it well worth the money and like I said Anthony Perkins is so nice 2 look at. Tell me one of your favorite scary Halloween movies.


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  1. Ed Says:

    I remember watching Psycho when I was a teen and what scared me was Anthony Perkins coldness. "A boys best friend is his mother."
    The scariest Movie I remember is a common one but I can't remember it's name but when I quote this one line many people will know it. "We traced the call and it's coming from inside your house." AAAYYYYHHHHH!!! Scared the shit out me!

  2. Polt Says:

    I never really though Anthony Perkins was dreamy, but I think he was kinda cute back then. I'd not have turned him away.

    My mom still tells me how she saw Psycho in a theater and refused to take a shower for months afterwards. She took baths, keep the curtain around the tub pulled open the whole time. And making triple sure the door was locked. :)

    I like the Birds too....that one is just creey...


  3. patti_cake Says:

    I watched both Psycho and Halloween myself recently! Love them!
    I remember Anthony's wife Beri Berenson died on 9/11

    oh, and Ed, it's When A Stranger Calls. :) Eeeek great movie!

  4. Ed Says:

    Thanks Patti When a Stranger Calls scared my sister and me so bad we had nightmares for a long time.
    Monster movies don't scare me it is the ones that could really happen, Bwahahhaha!

  5. jimm Says:

    oh man, the rotweillers in 'The Omen' scare the bejeezus out of me. And I can't watch horror flix at nite cuz the nightmares will follow.

  6. Laurie Says:

    Hey Sweeties!

    I know you're talking about horror movies. You should see what Rosco did. I put a couple of pics of it on the blog. Would go good in a movie (maybe a comedy/horror)

  7. Cheeky Says:

    OH I LOVE horror flicks and Psycho is one of the best!

    Just last night I introduced the teenage daughter to Hellraiser - I am such a good mom LOL