What's Wrong With America?

A friend of the family called my parent's last night he was a little upset coz he has been trying 2 adopt a child. Well they turn him down now let me get into this a bit. First off he wasn't trying 2 adopt a baby but a child that I think was around 8 maybe 9. Now this guy is not married and never has been and he almost 40. He told my parents he has always wanted a child but it didn't work out for him. So he thought he would adopt a kid he would be helping a lot of people out himself a homeless child the state and it's a win win right? Well I guess that's a big no the state said no. This guy has much to offer a child he has a nice house money to send the kid off to collage when that time comes and I have know this guy forever myself and he is just an all around great person. The state looks at him being single as a problem now we all know what the problem is don't we? The state is thinking this guy is a Chester I am not dumb.

They told him raising a child is not good for the child. Oh but living in a foster home or a children's home is good for a child? I have 2 say wtf is wrong with America? You have good people that want kids and have the house and the means 2 take care of them but because they are single or God forbid gay they won't make good parents. The state would rather keep them in these foster homes or children's home and hope for the best for these kids. Let's be honest we all know how most these kids turn out are they get kicked out at 18 they live on the street and turn 2 crime or worse. Some end up dead or back in the system as adults serving time. But they would rather have that going on than give a single person a chance at making a kids life better. Now what kind of since does that make please someone tell me coz i sure the hell don't get it.

Also if you get a chance go over 2 Laurie's blog and found out what happen 2 this victim it is rather funny.

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  1. Cheeky Says:

    I have never understood that either.

  2. Sue Says:

    What is a Chester?

  3. Ed Says:

    It is not single people they fear it is single Gay men. Yet most child molestors are straight.
    I know a woman who works at the local Wal-Mart. She was the first single person in the county to adopt a child. She adopted a 12 year old boy. She had always wanted a child of her own. When the boy was 16, she was found to be with child. At first she said it was her boss at work. Then she said it was my child. (We sat together at church) Then she admitted it was her adopted child that she fucked. The county took the boy away but let her keep the baby girl. She now works at Wal-Mart too. I'm sure if she was guy he would be in jail for child molesting

  4. patti_cake Says:

    Honey I agree with you on the adoption thing 100% It is so sad. Does the state not think that predators reside in Children's homes? Uh, they do.

  5. Laurie Says:

    Ed is right about 99% of ALL molesters are straight. About 30% are FEMALE. The sad thing is people just don't think outside their boxes. They just go by what they have been told and what they think. None of them take the time to really know any facts. I would rather my child be raised by a gay couple that love them and each other then to have the child be abused or even worse. Here in Texas there have been so many children that have died in foster care and the family was a 'mother and father'. I wish we ran this country. It would be alot better.

    Sue, a 'CHESTER' is what people would call a molester. It was (and may still be) 'CHESTER THE MOLESTER' Why, I don't know.

    Tell the friend to keep fighting.

    Glad I (well, the dog) could make ya laugh. He's such a love.


  6. jimm Says:

    I have this friend who was adopted. When the parents found out he was gay, the family made his life miserable until he couldn't take it anymore and left. So maybe one could make a case against straight parents. Despite all that, he still loves them.

    He recommended reading this book, and so do I:

    'They Cage The Animals At Night' by Jennings Michael Burch.

    Once you start reading it you won't be able to put it down.