B4 I Go

Tomorrow is the big day so this is my last post for a little while. Don't worry I have a couple guest coming 2 do some posts 4 ya'll. Please show them the love u show me. Show them why u keep coming back everyday 2 read my little corner of the web world and why I have the best readers of any blog out there. Ok so I can get a little sappy sometimes but ya'll do mean the world 2 me more than I think u know. I plan on showin Corey the time of his life over in England I never seen anybody so happy in my life. I alreadt warn him about my Grandparent's and there tea time. We have 2 be there at tea time or all hell will break lose. I think Mom blows a gasket from time 2 time u should see Grandma when she blows hers haha! Like I said before I'll try 2 post from over there but don't hold me 2 it ok last time I did it didn't go well many reasons why main reason is I was so damn busy I didn't have the time and the other was the net at my Grandparent's house I had a hard time getting my laptop 2 work. Yes I could use there laptop but lets face they see me as a little boy and they don't like me touching there puter scared I will break it. I know but u know Grandparents haha. Guess that's it I need 2 finish getting things ready just know I will ya'll and make sure u show the love 2 Laurie and Lewis the guest bloggers.


8 Responses
  1. elise Says:

    Ryan and Corey--Have a safe and fabulous trip--take lots of cool pictures--come back and post your stories so we can share the fun!

    love you lots....

  2. Polt Says:

    Have a sage and fun trip. I haven't been back to England since 1995, but man, I love it there.


  3. Uncle Gerry Says:

    Bon Voyage jouez le coffre-fort et revenez reposés et prêt pour l'amour.

  4. Lewis Says:

    Oh, BELIEVE ME, we'll take good care of your readers....hahaha.....snickering...giggling...laughing... wicked grin.

  5. Ed Says:

    Ryan, your readers love you more than you know too. When you hurt I cry. I laugh when you laugh. When somebody puts you down or calls you names, I die a little inside. You're like the son I never had. I love you.
    Have a fun and safe trip. I 'll be thinking about you. I'm sure I'll enjoy Lewis' and Lauries' Blog posts. Hugs to Ryan and Corey.

  6. ElovesU Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    Remember me?
    We should chat. Shoot me an email

    E_LOVES_U @ Yahoo.com

  7. Laurie Says:

    Yeah Sweets,
    Lewis and I will take good care
    of it for you :D I'm being cheeky!

    I love you both and BE SAFE!!

  8. gomad.ch Says:

    Save trip to good old England boys. Don't do anything I wouldn't be doing.