Blast from the Past

What a surprise I got yesterday I don't know if ya'll remember when I first started blogging 4 years ago I was dating Aaron. Well yesterday I ran into Aaron and it wasn't as bad as I always thought it would be if I ran into him. It was a good warm feeling damn he is still as cute as ever and I so wanted 2 kiss him right there on the sidewalk. We talk 4 a bit I introduced him 2 Corey and then he ask if I wasn't busy later maybe we could do dinner or something. With all that's been going on I thought yes I can do dinner. So he said he would call and he did Corey likes hanging with my Brother so he didn't mind so Aaron came out and picked me up. We went 2 are favorite restaurant and we talked like it was old times. It felt so good and so right I didn't know how much I missed him in my life.

We took a walk after dinner and talked some more about things that were going on in our lives. I found out he is single. He was surprised I lived in Florida he thought I would never cut the strings. I told him even though I live in another state don't mean them strings are cut haha but he said he was proud anyway. I invited him down of course he said yes he would love that. Then out of the blue he did something I didn't except he reach and took my hand he look at me and said I missed you. OK so I started crying right then and there yeah I am a big cry baby I can't help it. We walk and held hands and it was like time had never passed. We ended up back at the car and he was taken me home when we pulled up to the farm we were sitting there in the car and kissing I did something that shouldn't surprise many of u I ask him 2 stay the night with me.

Well he did that's all I am gonna say!

Well I must go I need 2 get ready today is gonna be a hard day I am tryin real hard 2 leave all the drama off here for a while seems like it's all I have been posting. Anyway thanx again for being my friends!

Later from Atlanta!
7 Responses
  1. Uncle Gerry Says:

    You know I am gonna want the details, nephew, why did you leave them out? Love you, glad you had a good day in spite of all the drama swirling around in your life.

  2. Cheeky Says:

    I love stories like that!

  3. Lewis Says:

    Bad boy, down boy......heel....heel. Woah! All of that making out in a car? Good for you.....only thing missing was me WATCHING

  4. patti_cake Says:

    See something good came from the bad. I'm glad you had that blast from the past!

  5. Says:

    Good to hear that romance still prevails.

  6. Ed Says:

    So sweet I guess I'm a sentimental old fool, I have tears of joy for you Ryan. I thought you were going to say you guys did it right in the car. I would have been all over him like white on rice. Our Ryan is growing up I'm so proud!!!

  7. Laurie Says:

    You know that I wish you the
    best and I hope all goes well.

    (I posted more pics of the kiddos
    The dog is working on his second
    victim--an octopus.)