Do I Need A Reason

Every just wake up in a bad mood? Nobody did anything 2 ya your just pissed. Then u read the news maybe watch a little on TV and it makes things worse? Well that's how I feel today I am just in a pisses mood and no reason why and I'm really not mad at anyone just in a mood. If you didn't read my post over on One Love Blog I think that will put you in a mood for sure. Only good thing is the phone calls are coming in more and more and the news I got looks good so yeah that puts a smile on my face 4 sure. A few more days and me and Corey are off 2 England I will try 2 post from there but 2 be honest it won't be on my mind much and last year the connection really sucked. Beside we have a couple guest bloggers I think will do a good job while we are gone and just think of what I'll have 2 say when I get back. Oh I did get a new pair of pants over the weekend Mom thinks well I won't say what she thinks about them but I just love them there metallic they look like this I think I'll look hot in them over in England haha!


9 Responses
  1. Ed Says:

    Nothing like Jolly Old England to raise your spirits. Let me tell you what i think of the Metallic pants...Uh ...well...I ...have a great time in England Ryan and Corey!

  2. Uncle Gerry Says:

    Smile anyway, or Ill snatch your pants and wear them myself!

  3. Carl Says:

    I wake up in a rotten mood once in a while. The only way for me to make it better is head back to bed.

    Metallic pants???. I wish I had the looks to be able to wear them.

  4. Laurie Says:

    I know how ya feel Sweets.
    There ain't nothing worse than
    waking up pissy and ready for
    someone to open their mouth so
    you can say something really
    smarty pants and then get told to
    behave. It would make the day so
    very much better.
    You better listen to Uncle Gerry.
    He don't look good in metalic.
    Loves ya TONS and more!

    Did you get the pics that I sent?
    Let me know what ya think.

  5. Tim Says:

    haha theres no accounting for taste!

  6. Lewis Says:

    Try 'em out COMMANDO...that'll give you a thrill!

  7. jimm Says:

    Bad mood? Well, I'm not a morning person so at least I know to keep my distance til later.

    Metallic pants? Do your 'spare parts' clang? hehe!

    Don't get too excited over Big Ben, he's just an old clock!

  8. patti_cake Says:

    Oh yes you will look veddy lovely in England in the pants my dear!

    Hope your mood improves. I have those days and I hate it :(

  9. Martin Says:

    If you wake up in a bad mood, it's best not to read or watch the news, 'cause that will just your mood worse, considering all the depressing things going on in the world.

    I can just see you now, strutting down the streets of England in those metallic pants, driving all those hot English boys crazy! :)

    Have a great trip!