Oh Christmas Tree

We went yesterday and got the family Christmas tree. We are planning on decorating it tonight. Dad always likes 2 sit it up and leave it over night so it can fall out he says. Mom normally don't go this early and get a tree but since me and Corey are leaving Friday she wanted 2 do it. See it's a must that the family do it together if we didn't we would have 2 deal with Mom and none of us want 2 do with a pissed off Mom. So how many of you already have your tree up? When we get back from England me and Corey is gonna put ours up something 2 look forward 2. Of course we will be back in Atlanta for Christmas another Mom rule. Me and Mom did the black Friday shopping I think she is pretty much done with Christmas shopping I did pick up a few things but I still have some 2 do besides I knew I would be buying stuff over in England so I didn't go 2 crazy. Did any of you go out on black Friday? Oh so you know I made that phone call I was talking about and it went great I have made a few more since turkey day things look good I think. Keep your fingers crossed for me on that topic! That's it for now just wanted 2 update a little Mom has my breakfast done. I know spoiled brat!


8 Responses
  1. jimm Says:

    ah...the spirit of a charlie brown christmas!

  2. Lewis Says:

    Oh, it's up baby....the tree, that is. Artificial, 4 foot, AND ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL>....standing tall and proud in the front window.

  3. elise Says:

    Fingers and toes are crossed...so what did Mom make for breakfast? You are not a spoiled brat for letting Mom and Dad do stuff for you--it gives them pleasure, and actually you would be selfish if you denied them that joy!!!
    Also LOVE the Charlie Brown Christmas...
    Happy thoughts....

  4. Becky J Says:

    I think it is good that you made those phone calls because your feelings wont change one way or another without action.

  5. Laurie Says:

    You should see our tree. I can't
    have a real one and we've had the
    same one for 10 years now and it
    looks like the Charlie Brown one.

    The thought of food is makeing me

    Loves ya boys!

  6. Ed Says:

    So glad you never killed Corey, he's so sweet. I never went shopping on Black Friday. I remember having a tree when I was a child. I was GAy even then and tried to rearrange the garland on the tree, it was a real one and huge, it fell over. I sure got a beating. I don't have a tree any more. I can only afford the basics. I don't buy anybody presents and they don't buy me any. I'm an old scrooge, except a poor one. haha! I have my fingers crossed about the phone call.

  7. patti_cake Says:

    We got our tree up but not decorated yet. I love a real tree too! Good for you on the phonecalls. Ummm My old boss used to bring me some type of chocolates from England that I just loved. Can't remember the name for the life of me though! Some kind of violet candy also.

  8. Cheeky Says:

    Yes! The first tree is up! The second tree will be up by next weekend.

    Yes! I went black Friday shopping - out of the house at 3:15am! but I got what I wanted.

    Yes! I am a mom and ain't nobody happy if Mom ain't happy :)