Feelings, Theft, Drama

Miami I am so glad I am away from there. So much went on there and so much feelings and theft and drama. Just chill I am gonna get 2 it all. First we get there I call my friend tell him were at the gate he comes out 2 get us and take us 2 the media center 2 get our id's so we wont have issues right? Well we get 2 the media center they tell my friend that he could only have one guest coz he didn't call ahead. I know this is bullshit coz he called from my house. So he is going off on this lady and calls his boss and he shows up and gets it all handle so we think. We head back 2 his bus and Barney Fife the same one Kasey had problems with stops us and informs us we can't go in there we have the wrong id's we have press id's not visitor's id's. I am like you have 2 fucking kidding me at this point I am like go home Ryan it's only gonna get worse. Anyway we went back got the right id's after another small fight finally get to the rv for some rest.

Next morning we decided we would all go and have breakfast. My buddy was gonna pay we always take turns when we all go out like that. Well I paid with my Daddy issued gold master card (everyone should have one of these) Anyway we get back 2 the track and my friend had 2 go 2 work so we decided 2 walk around check out all the trailers of the other drivers and I found some things I wanted so with my Daddy issued card I paid for these items. Later we had lunch and then some hot dogs soda some more buying stuff I didn't really need all with this Daddy issued credit card. We get home last night my Dad called me and ask what the hell was going on with the credit card? I ask what do you mean? Seems like somebody in Miami wasn't being honest and stole my credit card number and there is charges from all over the place on there hell there was a charge in California at a walmart for over 780.00 dollars and tell me how in the hell they do that? Not only that they racked up a total of 6230.00 before it was stopped. Now my Dad is trying 2 track them down and I am without a credit card Daddy issued type. (sorry have 2 throw that up 2 all those who say I am a spoiled brat)

Last but not least my feelings yeah I have them and they are so worked up right now I just don't know. Yeah ya'll know what it's about and it's just killin me. That's all I am saying right now about but I am thinkin about callin on Thanksgiving Day what could it hurt right? Well, later tonight me and my posse will be leaving headed 4 Atlanta. Seems like all our family is there and Corey is going also he is family his family turn there back on him shame for them coz I got another great little Brother. My friend is going 2 his parents house 4 Thanksgiving then were gonna do some partying before we head off 2 England. Guess that's about it for my weekend. Like I said I am so glad 2 be out of Miami!


9 Responses
  1. Carl Says:

    Ryan what kind of spoiled brat are you are you becoming. Forget the Gold Mastercard, you have to get your daddy’s Platinum Amex or his Black Amex.

    I am glad you are finally standing up to people for calling you a spoiled brat. Be proud of yourself and your family.

    Remember Black Amex.

  2. Laurie Says:

    Glad all is well Sweeties!

    I miss my boys and don't like
    not knowing if all is OK. OH YEAH!
    I'm gonna send you an e-mail to
    go with this.

    To both of you!

  3. jimm Says:

    Bad luck! Change to a debit card with a limited amount of credit. Enjoy your turkey!

  4. elise Says:

    Ryan--I wish happier times for you--stick close to those you know really love you, and ask for some extra hugs with the turkey and cranberries!
    If you really feel the need to call you-know-who, then do it--coz you will just drive yourself crazy and get more depressed if you don't.
    Have a blessed Thanksgiving and safe journey to England!

  5. Martin Says:

    One thing's for certain, Ryan, and that is you don't live a boring life! :)
    For good or bad, you've always got something going on. Hope everything works out for you though, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Ed Says:

    sAy Ryry, did you get to see my dream boat? Matt Kenseth? He did pretty good for an old Ford man huh?
    sorry about your bad run of luck things will get better soon. Everybody wishes they had their Daddy's Mastercard. Anybody who says different are just jealous.

  7. gomad.ch Says:

    IDs, credit card & relationships are great if they work, otherwise one is just screwed. Enjoy the rest and don't forget this phone call.

  8. patti_cake Says:

    Good lord! I am glad y'all got a bead on the credit card before it was even worse.
    I LOVE how you rub the haters noses in it. Heh heh. Living well is the best revenge Honey. remember Mamma Patti told you that!

  9. Ed Says:

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving and don't eat too much. There is a guy up in WV that wishes he could turn back time too. I hope you guys can work it out.