Being Thankful

I felt like the day that I met Ryan & Mike I was blessed but little did I know how much this was true. I was dealt a nasty hand of cards in life but I was determined to play the hand out. I am not one to bitch and complain about life and what has happened to me I just deal with it. I think a few of you may know about my past but those who don't I will tell a little about it. My family kicked me out and disowned me when they found out I was gay. I did things on the streets of Tampa that I am not proud of but when you have nothing you do what you have to do to survive. I met Ryan & Mike on the beach and my life changed that day for the good. Mike is no longer here as you all know and I miss him a lot but I do still talk to him weekly. My childhood was never that good in the first place because father & mother both are drunks and drugheads but yet they judge me but whatever. So Thanksgiving time wasn't that big of a deal in my house it was just a long party weekend for them. A normal turkey dinner with all the fixings we never had but I do remember once going to a church for Thanksgiving dinner but that was as close to normal as it came for me. Brings me to this year being here with Ryan and his family and seeing the love they have for each other and all the things they do together as a family. It shows me that there is hope and the fact they open their hearts and invited me into their family is just more than I know how to say. I can say I am thankful for meeting Ryan and having him as my friend and my brother. And for his family for showing me what Thanksgiving is all about. Sorry for being so sappy I'm not a good writer and I'm not good at telling my feelings but I just want Ryan to know how much this all means to me.
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  1. Lewis Says:

    Hey Corey and Ryan,
    Many, many thanks to you guys for being men who do the very best you have with what you have. "Keep it simple, keep it real" is my motto. We deal with what we ARE not what we are NOT. You guys rock. Pasts aren't the determining factor to what we become in the future. Happiest of Thanksgivings. Be thankful....and live.

  2. Laurie Says:

    My Sweetheart Corey,
    Your parents never deserved you.
    You are so much better then they
    are. I only got to have 2 children.
    I wanted to have more.(like 4 or 5)
    I was told after I put my daughter
    up for adoption that I wouldn't be
    able to have anymore kids. When
    four years later I had my son. Yeah
    it was hell. Not the best of times
    for me but I was having a second
    chance! After he was born I was
    told that I was to not try to have
    anymore. I lost two after my son
    was born. I would have LOVED to be
    your mom. Just to have my chance
    at being a mom is the best thing
    in the world. You are very much
    loved by me just like Ryan and
    I send you a BIG 'mom' hug.

  3. Ryan Says:

    corey u know i love ya brother!


  4. Ed Says:

    You are a wonderful writer Corey. We get all the knocks and kicks life has to offer but still learn to go on. What doesn't kill us makes us sometimes wish we were dead. I'm so glad you found a family. I've been alone so long I don't know any other way. Yet, I am thankful to be alive. I will be going to the local soup kitchen for Thanksgiving Dinner again this year. They are all the family I have except for my blog friends. You guys are the bestest ever. I love you all.

  5. Uncle Gerry Says:

    Corey, I am so glad you found your way into the family after all that life has thrown at you. You are a survivor and you are loved. Keep your head up and have fun this weekend and on the trip to England. Keep Ryan in line, you boys play safe. Happy Thanksgiving, Love to all.

  6. Cheeky Says:

    I think the best writing comes when you just put pen to paper (or fingers to the keys) and just start writing. Letting your feelings come out.

    I am glad that you have found such a wonderful friend. They are few and far between so cherish the time you have together.

    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  7. elise Says:

    Corey--You expressed your thoughts and feelings beautifully! Thank you for sharing that. Laurie is so right--your birth parents never deserved you. It is so wonderful that you have found a family that loves and respects you, and has given you the chance to return that love,and to share what a real family is all about.
    Ryan sure has a heart of gold, doesn't he?
    Corey--you are obviously very special--have a joyous Thanksgiving and trip with Ryan, and then come safely home and share your stories with us!

  8. patti_cake Says:

    Corey you did a great job in the writing. I am glad you have a chance to see what a real family and unconditional love is. Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. jimm Says:

    yup, you got dealt a bad poker hand. But with that hand, you developed 'street-smarts.'

    Some day years from now you might question, "what have I accomplished in my life?"

    You're a 'survivor.'

    That in itself may be one of your greatest triumphs. So, be proud!

  10. sillyboi Says:

    Corey, for someone who says they cant write you sure did an exceptional job at expressing your feelings. I am to like yoursaelf in I find it rather difficult sometimes to express my feelings, verbally or in writing. I tend to write poetry and someway I get that out in my poetry. Words often speak louder then actions sometimes. But in most cases someone's actions speaks louder then their words. You will have me as a friend Corey and Ryan will have me as a friend. I am sorry that you had to go through that with your parents, and no matter what I will make no judgement on someone's past. Its in the past, there is always today and tomorrow. Live for that, dont dwell on the past. *hugs buddy* Have a safe and wonderful trip to England. You two be safe and I am sure I will talk to you all again real soon.

  11. ian Says:

    I am english and have often wandered what "thank's giving " is and why Americans celebrate the occasion?