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It's hard 2 believe that Thanksgiving is almost on us. We will be going home 2 Atlanta for the holiday. My Mom would be so pissed if we didn't so Mom we will be there! The big news I have is every year I go over 2 England and visit my Grandparents normally right after Thanksgiving this year is no different. This year I am taking Corey with me he is so happy he has never been anywhere other than Florida and Georgia. Now for some more big news last year I had guest writers on this blog while I was gone this year I will do the same this year I ask Laurie and Lewis if they would do it and they both agree I think they both will add good writings 2 this blog. So look for there post starting the end of the month and show them both some love.

I have been working on some other things soon as they are set in stone I'll talk about them. Also I wanted 2 let ya'll know that the money this blog makes in the ads I never keep. Let me explain I take the money from the ads and give it away I give 2 the Matthew Shepard Foundation I also give 2 many Animal Foundation like Pca, Peta, Human Society. I never keep the money for myself and never will. Some ads on this site Like Matthew Shepard or any Animal Foundation I never charge for ads on this blog and never will. I feel they should be on this blog for free cause I believe in there cause. Now I have used some of the money 2 help people that were a little down on there luck a few of u that comment know what I am talking about. I just feel if I can help a fellow human when there down then I should. I just wanted 2 clear up where the money goes from this blog.

A few blogs we all know are in some trouble right now for scamming people out of money and I would never do that I never ask for money I only take money for ads. Also I have another blog some of you know about it's called It's Raining Men. Now this blog is going through some changes and people will be leaving this blog it's a group blog what I would like is any of the readers 2 this blog would like 2 be a part of that blog email me and let me know. It don't matter if your gay or not if you support gay people then I want u on the blog. So please go check it out and if u think u want 2 be a part of it let me know I would love 2 add all of u 2 it. If u do become part of it u don't have 2 post on it everyday maybe once a week would be great. Just let me know. I am also thinking about changing the name so if u have ideas on a name let me know that also. That's all for today folks.

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  1. Bob in Florida Says:

    What, don't they have internets in England yet? I believe they do. If you bring a laptop you'll be able to keep us updated on your trip. Which would be cool.

  2. Laurie Says:

    I had a fur coat back when I was
    younger. I thought they used dead
    or sick rabbits. When my friends
    sister told me other wise....I
    gave the coat back to my parents
    and said 'Thanks but no thanks'
    That's another reason I don't
    eat meat. I can make the same
    things with veggie meat that I
    made with real. Tastes the same
    Every Christmas Josh
    gets together all the money he
    saved for the year and we go buy
    things for the animal shelter
    here. I think this year he has
    over $200 saved.
    Also, there are a couple of
    things that I need to ask you
    about a student. You're closer
    to his age and I would like your
    opinion on why he did something.
    It's nothing bad. I just need to
    know how to approach it.

  3. Lewis Says:

    I can't believe that some people would leave their blogs in the hands of other crazy people! Look out!

  4. patti_cake Says:

    Yay for guest bloggers and it's awesome that Corey is going with you to England.