I'm Still Standing

Why is it that I meet people that seem like really cool people someone I want 2 be friends with then they turn around and stab me in the back first chance they get. I don't understand this am I that bad on judging people? Or maybe do I just have a face that says come be my friend I am easy 2 make friends with and when I am down u can kick the shit out of me. I don't know but it's getting old and I am getting tired of making friends that do this 2 me. People ask how come your trust of people is very short I always say been hurt 2 many times by people who claim they love me or claim 2 be my friend. I am so over friends!

Oh this part is just 4 me and a few people in the blog world let's see your school president is caught up in a big lie and scandal but yet I was the one that ya'll claim was fake all I can do is sit back and laugh and say I am still standing! God I love this!
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  1. Laurie Says:

    I never have to wonder why the
    hell I love the tar out of you.
    Just remember that I'll be there
    to hold your hand and to dry
    your tears. I'll always be on
    your side.

  2. jimm Says:

    Ryan, i don't know how to answer your questions about friends, except to look at my own situation.

    Most times it comes down to respect. How many times have you heard someone say, "if he wants my respect, he's gonna have to earn it?" Well, that isn't how respect works. You extend respect to every person you meet. Then it is up to that person to keep that respect or lose it. The same goes for yourself, to keep or lose that friends respect.

    I know as hearing-impaired it is very difficult to trust ppl. You miss a word here or there, that makes it easy to mess up a friendship.

    I also have a difficult time admitting when I am wrong. I think as hearing-impaired, I am wrong so often that i don't want to give in to the accusers.

  3. sillyboi aka Tim Says:

    Ryan, my friend I dont know how to answer that. It has happened to me alot and there for it takes alot for me to trust people when they are face to face with me. But I dont know my dear friend on how to answer your questions. You know I think Jimm is correct in the fact that hearing impared people sometimes miss words here and there and what was a compliment or a simple mis understanding then turns out to be a big blow up because a misplaced word or not hearing something. Thats not an excuse though, because if your friends arent hearing impared then why use someone or stanb them in the back. I dont know. I have had that happen so many times that I cant tell you buddy. I think that alot of people just like to use others to benefit them be it for money, a ride to work or what be it but i get used for the small little things. and I am not sure what the reasons or what the person did to you, but know that I wouldnt ever do that to my friends because i know how it feels. You have my shoulder to cry on anytime you need me. You know how to reach me and everything.. *hugs to my special friend.*

  4. Bob in Florida Says:

    Ryan, this is complicated, and I don't want to sound like some big know-it-all. But here's the deal: You CANNOT control what other people think or do. You can only control yourself. There are some "really cool" people on the planet, but there are also some who seem so at first but really are not. And yes, maybe you're not the greatest judge of people...yet. But you're learning!

    So if YOU always act in an honorable, dignified, respectful way, then you can hold your head up high no matter what happens. There will ALWAYS be some people who'll try to stab you in the back. Sadly, that is just life. Don't sweat it...don't get upset...don't worry about them. It's just not worth it. Just give of yourself generously. Just *be* a friend, that is the main thing. Your rewards *will* come- if not in this life then in the next.

    Realizing that you cannot control people, only yourself (and your feelings and your emotions), is the true key to happiness.

  5. Uncle Gerry Says:

    I don not know who did what to you, but I know you have always been more than willing to give of your self to others. Not everyone can appreciate and respect that. I am glad you are still standing. Life unfortunately does not come with an instruction book so sometimes its lessons come the hard way. Just don't stop being you but do learn from your experiences. I will always be here to support you. Love to all.


    First to Bob (the comment above) That is a crock of Sh*t! Yes, you can control it by choosing who your friends with and opt to hang around. In addition to said "rewards will come if not in this life or next..."

    Do you think your on this earth to earn something? My friend if you live by this motto you will be walked on and ran over by common human nature.

    If you enjoy this type of life and dont mind it... Go right ahead... Let them walk and run you over, cuz at the end your going to earn this "reward" worth NOTHING!!

    Now to Ryan. Buddy you need to take control of the issue. Yes, we are human nature and there isnt one person on this earth (oops maybe bob above) that has not bent the rule alittle on being true friends. Again its human nature and to be expected. Dont dwell on something like this and spend your life worried about it.

    And Jim hit it on the head above. When you meet someone new. Out of human nature you willingly give them RESPECT. If your new friends opts to burn it, then move on to the next person in line.

    Life is too short... But then again maybe we should be like "Bob" and decorate our walls with endless rewards that are worthless. In my second life I may return as a "frame" to put my reward in.

  7. Ed Says:

    Ryan, the simple folk who live here in Southern Indiana say that you can't understand a person if yu don't love them. To us love and understanding are the same. We use the old word Kin. As in Do you kin me? which means do you undrstand me? and I kin you, which means I love you. See to us love and understanding are the same. So maybe you shuld not hold out judgement until you understand the other person. As my Granny used to say, "you can't trust a bird that poops in it's own nest."

  8. Martin Says:

    Maybe you just need to take a bit more time getting to know those people who seem cool to see if they really are cool before trusting them completely. That's not to say you can't show them respect or even hang out with them.
    I show respect to everyone, but trust ,I think, has to be earned.
    Don't give up hope, Ryan.
    Not everyone you meet has to be a friend. Take your time and the true friends will become apparent.

  9. patti_cake Says:

    Ryan, hang onto laurie. She seems like good peeps!

  10. D-Man Says:

    Ah Ryan, that is the question we all would like to know. The real challenge is to continue being you and NOT become jaded: to keep being open and caring knowing that you can still be hurt. If you build the walls too high, you'll end up shutting out the good as well as the bad.