5 Things

I got this email from a friend and he ask me what 5 things that I think I couldn't live without not people but things? So I wrote him back and said well let me think about that and I will answer it on the blog. So it got me thinking and of course if I could say people Mikey would be first. Then I thought at one point my cell phone would have been in there but since moving up here with Mikey I don't always get service with it and ya know I haven't missed it as much as I thought I would. So my 5 things I can't live without.......

1) My Computer if I didn't have it then I wouldn't get 2 talk with some of you!
2) My IPod I love music listen 2 it everyday.
3) Sirius Satellite radio I just hate regular radio!
4) Mikey is yelling my shoes ok I have way 2 many shoes!
5) Sex yes I said sex that feeling u get when u mmmm yeah your feeling me!

Ok that's my 5 now how about your 5 things you can't live without? Speaking of that feeling I wonder what Mikey is doing in the other room? Hmmm let me go check!

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  1. sillyboi Says:

    Hmm i'll be the first one to post on this i hope anyway.. My 5 things I cold not live without.. Well Number 1. My computer, I wouldnt be able to talk to my friends. 2. My cell phone so I can keep in touch with people. 3. My books. I love to read. 4.My Music, I love to sing and dance and get carried away.. 5. My hands,brains, paper and a pencil for I could not write my poetry without anyone of those things..

  2. Laurie Says:

    Wow, that isn't hard..my 5 are

    1. my books
    2. my music
    3. my computer
    4. my memories
    5. well, the cell phone

    I think I could live without my
    computer and cell phone if I don't
    lose my memories, music and books.

    Love you Baby Boy!!
    To you and Mikey

  3. Anonymous Says:

    1. Computer
    2. Televison
    3. Pick-up Truck
    4. Books
    5. Coffee
    The TV was my baby sitter growing up. Computers keep me in touch with the Blogging world and provides some great porn. I must have my Coffee every morning. I love poetry and reading. I need my Truck to go places. Ed

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I would have to say:

    1. MacBook Pro
    2. iPod
    3. My pencils
    4. My camera
    5. My frying pan

  5. elise Says:

    Well, I'll be the trouble-maker and ask for clarification. Are these 5 things that would be considered "optional", as opposed to the true necessities of life like food, water, medication, eyeglasses, wheelchair, clean underwear, etc? (I would also argue that sex should be on the necessities of life list!)

    I'll assume the list is for "optional" things. My list, then, is:
    1. my wallet (ID, insurance cards, etc;
    2. my overstuffed calender book (includes addresses/ phone numbers, paper, pen, misc notes, business cards, photos, etc);
    3. a telephone (regular land-line--I don't use a cell phone except in the car for emergencies);
    4. photos of loved ones (that aren't stored on the computer);
    5. this one is a tie--sorry, I have a hard time playing by the rules:
    5.1: my computer;
    5.2: my purple Crocs;
    5.3: Diet Pepsi with Lime;
    5.4: books;
    5.5: more books; and
    5.6: N.Y. Times crossword puzzles

    I suppose if I had a real pet, it would be in the top 5, although I do have this wonderful, huggable, squishy stuffed puppy dog that I pretend is real.....

  6. Polt Says:

    Oh I've thought about feeling you quite a few times. hehehehe....

    I'll think this over and answer it on my blog too. Have a great day.


  7. Patti Says:

    Five things I couldn't live without..

    1) My Books
    2) My Computer
    3) My Pets
    4) My Car
    5) My Shoes

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Awesome post, Ryan! :o)

    I'd say...
    1.) Computer
    (For same reason as yours.)
    2.) Pen/pencil and paper, so I can write down thoughts and get things off my mind.
    3.) Clothes
    4.) Food
    5.) Water


  9. Lewis Says:

    Your shoes? OH my, that brings up a whole other fantasy, I'm afraid. Nonetheless, here's my list (in no particular order):
    1. Car/I'd be lost without wheels.
    2. Computer
    3. Furnace in the winter, A/C in the summer. I have to be comfy!
    4. Good food....not junk food...the really good yummy stuff.
    5. Maybe the phone....but a computer could sort of take it's place. I need one or the other.

  10. gomad.ch Says:

    My bed would definitely make it on the top of my list.

  11. jimm Says:

    1.Saucony sneakers
    4.Pickup truck
    5.Hearing aids

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Here's my list:

    1) My computer and net connection for the very same reasons. It's informative, it's entertaining and it keeps me in touch with people that are flung out to the corners of the earth.

    2) My public library. Seriously, this library gets all the new books before everyone else.

    3) My CD and Record collection. I love that music so much.

    4) My tools. It took me a lot of years and a lot of money to put together a good toolkit, one that lets me string coax, punch down 110 blocks, as well as solder things together, etc.

    5) The things locked up inside my skull.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    wow, our list is almost the same ~ although I have to say that books and shoes both rank together! in any case my 5 were:
    1) laptop
    2) IPOD
    3) My books
    4) Shoes
    5) Cell phone

    btw, this is Crankychaos, I've started blogging over at LJ. TTYL