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I did a post over a year ago or so about the troops I just want 2 make it clear that I totally support the troops. There doing what they are ask to do. I got an email from a soldier over in Iraq it caught me off guard a bit I didn't know that my little blog was being read clear over there. He did tell me that in fact my blog was read over there and not only by him. This does my heart good 2 know I might put a smile on a soldiers face. He also sent me some pics and ask if I would post them. Yes I will any of you guys over there ever want anything posted on this blog please just email me and I will be more than happy 2 put anything ya'll send me on this blog. If you want your name out there I will do it not I will keep it quiet so you wont have 2 worry about that.

I just want 2 say again how much I support you for what your doing. I know some of you feel like me and this war is un called for but you do your job anyway. I respect you so much for I know I couldn't do it. It's not that I wouldn't try I know they wouldn't take me and it's not coz I'm gay it's health reasons. I think soon that don't ask don't tell crap will be over and you gay soldiers can serve openly. The way it should be. Please those who read this post this one anit like the military post I did before. It has nothing to do with what's right or what's wrong with this war this post is about the soldiers that are over there fighting. So please comment and let the soldiers who read this blog know we support them and wish them well and hope they all come home soon!

One more thing Mikey has a new post up go check it out!

Thanks Again Bryce!
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  1. Patti Says:

    I think what they are doing is awesome also and I apreciate it very very much. God bless them one and all and I pray they come home safely.

  2. Lewis Says:

    You know what's funny, is your timing of this post. We've actually got a close friend (yes, gay friend) who is leaving for "points unknown" this next week in the military. I support him, and all of them, 100%.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    It reminds me of the poem that goes something like; their's not to reason why, their's but to do or die, not so the soldiers knew someone (Bush) had blundered. These guys are so very brave and I hope they know we are trying to get a Democratic President so they can come home safe.
    Wonderful pictures. I liked the one best with the guy holding the sign that reads; Keeping it Sexy in Iraq. They look like a couple of great buds. Ed

  4. Tim Says:

    Hey guys, keep safe, and thanks for your service! damn your making me feel bad for not signing up!

    Seriously I think what we are doing has a good chance of making the world a better place.

  5. Laurie Says:

    The men and women of our armed
    forces are my heros.

    God blessed America when he gave
    them to us.


  6. Uncle Gerry Says:

    As a veteran, I salute you; as a citizen, I thank you; as a Gay man, I am proud of you; May God grant your safe return to our shores.

  7. jimm Says:

    The guys in the line of fire, they deserve nothing but the best, and will always have my respect. I tried to up when I was a teen, but nope, cuzza my ears. My cousin killed in 'Nam, he was my hero. I love the pics, especially cuz they are not media plugs, but rather, the real deal.

  8. Michael Says:

    What a great post Ryan! I'm with you that I support the folks in the military...but not the war basically. Anyone who's brave enough to do what they're doing? How could I know support them? I just hope that they'll be able to be home again soon.

    And what great pictures too! I think that it's great that they emailed you and sent them to you as well. Even if we can't be there, we all do our part in some small way, and I know that they'll appreciate what you wrote/write.

  9. Simon Says:

    I know, I am not going to make many friends with this post, but Ryan - as much as I like your differentiated view on many topics - when it's about the troops you are blind on both eyes: The main reason, your troops are in Iraq now and fight a chaos they have produced there, is because your governments have fed Saddam Hussein in the first place. And there was NO connection to 9/11. I think your soldiers are very brave, but they fight and die for an unjust cause. This lesson I and many others have learned from our German history. And this is the reason, why Germany is that reluctant to take part in any fighting missions. Best greetings from "Old Europe" :-)

  10. D-Man Says:

    Lewis is talking about my partner, Troy. Thank you so much for this post. In ten days Troy is going to the Middle East, but not Iraq or Afghanistan.

    The day the new president ends this stupid don't ask don't tell I will proudly display our picture on my blog.

    My biggest fear is that he will get upset or scared and need to talk to someone over there, but that he can't really confide in anyone - he has to hide who he is.

    Thanks again, Ryan.