Greatest show on earth...NOT

As most of you know I am a animal activist I have been know 2 go out and protest for animal rights. I know there is more I could do but I do what I can when I can. There is something I can do right now with this blog and that is talk about something that just pisses me off. That is the circus every year it comes 2 town and every year I go out with other activist and hold up my sign and protest the use of animals for are entertainment. I don't feel these animals were put here for this reason and these people that do this should be ashamed the hell these animals go thru 2 be trained is just down right wrong. Take a look at some of the links in this post I bet it will make you made also. I am a little for zoos only because some of the animals n there we might never see again coz were taken over there normal habitat now saying that don't mean I am 100% for zoos I think they could do better also. That's another story right now I want 2 do what I can 2 stop these circuses from coming into town and torturing these animals. Please click on the links check them out and do what you can to help these animals they didn't ask for this.

Circuses Petition:
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  1. Anonymous Says:
    The circus is so incredibly evil in so many ways. It's all so sad and depressing. Good for you for protesting. AWESOME post Ryan! Great links as well. :o)

  2. Lewis Says:

    Exactly....why we put up with this kind of thing is beyond me. Have you read WATER FOR ELEPHANTS? You'd enjoy it...the end, anyway. It's about circus life, on a traveling train circus.

  3. Laurie Says:

    We took Josh ONCE when he was
    about 2 maybe 3 years old. We don't
    like to see animals doing stuff for
    the entertainment of people. What
    elephant (in the wild) is going to
    go and do a 'hand stand' on a tree
    stump? NONE! Josh really didn't
    care for it. He'd rather watch
    people doing stuff to entertain us.
    Ya know, stupid human tricks.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Also. Rodeos are bad. There is a city west of where I live that has a Rodeo every Labor day. They have Bull riding. They torture those bulls something awful. My cousin raises them for Bull riding. I asked him what is that strap around their waist for? He said they wrap it around their balls and then every time they take a step it yanks on their nuts and makes them jump. I never went back. Ed

  5. Michael Says:

    I agree with you about the circus. The only one that I go to is Cirque Du Soliel and that's all just acrobats, contortionist, clowns...just people and no animal acts.

    I'd rather go to a Zoo and see the animals in a more "natural" habitat anyways. At least at a zoo, well I hope they're better taken care of ya know?

  6. elise Says:

    Bless you, Ryan---I also suggest that elephants lovers check out The Elephant Santuary in Tennessee, where old and abused elephants can live and be cared for in a safe, open

    It's a wonderful place--these are true angels looking out for these amazing creatures, and the website is great to explore.

  7. D-Man Says:

    Well said, my friend. Yes, I agree with Lewis: read Water For Elephants.

  8. Patti Says:

    I can't visit the links, i'm too tenderhearted. I don't go to circuses but I do go to zoos!