Mikey, Nascar & Work

I am writing a quick post in between my patients. I am so getting into this rehab thing. I have this one old man who just had his hip replaced not 2 long ago and he wouldn't get out of bed. I went in and talked with him and he agreed 2 let me help him. Now he won't anybody help with his rehab but me. His family have thanked me 100 times. I have even went in on my days off just 2 do his therapy time. It makes me feel good on the inside 2 help these people get back on there feet and make them as good as new again.

This pass weekend we didn't do much Mikey is feeling better and he went back 2 school today. Saturday night we had Cole over we watched movies and order pizza. I swear he is so cute Mikey even thinks so. He is very shy we found out when it comes 2 the ladies I don't know why coz he could have anybody he wanted. I think I am gonna be on the look out 4 him a girl. I don't him 2 pick up so old trap or something besides I want it 2 be a girl that is open minded coz we enjoy his friendship.

I did get a call from my Nascar friend he wanted 2 make sure we were coming 2 the race in February. It's the 50th running of the Daytona 500 I wouldn't miss it 4 the world. Mikey anit sure he can go but he told me 2 go ahead and make my plans. I sure hope he can work it out and come with me. Well that's about it 4 today I might post later tonight when I get home from work.

11 Responses
  1. Lewis Says:

    Listen here, boys....I don't want any fooling around with that Cole fellow. You just leave him for the girls. Wouldn't want you two ruining him or perverting him.

  2. Patti Says:

    Yes please make sure Cole does not find a tramp LOL

  3. Uncle Gerry Says:

    Glad Mikey is feeling better and I am so happy you enjoy your work. Send Cole my way, I promise to be good!

  4. gomad.ch Says:

    I like what I'm reading here. Keep up the good work and your hands off that Cole.

  5. Laurie Says:

    My Baby Boy the match maker! I've got that going on at work myself with one of my co-workers. Trying
    to hook her up with this really cute coach.

    Glad Mikey is better. You're a good

    Love ya boys!


  6. jimm Says:

    Seems you're getting good at connecting with all kinds of folks!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I hope to Hell that Mike gets to go with you to Daytona. If you fly down there and back he wouldn't have to miss many classes. Tell him if he's concerned he can pay you back a little at a time.
    I had a straight friend who was both Hot and had a very large Penis. He dated woman who I thought wasn't good enough for him. He said I was just jealous and it ruined or friendship. Take it easy with Cole and let him date who he wants. If he values your friendship he will not get serious about any girls who are Gay haters. Ed

  8. elise Says:

    So glad Mikey is feeling better...

    It's wonderful to hear about your passion for the new rehab job, Ryan---I am not at all surprised, since you have such a caring, loving nature...

    Cole the Cutie sounds just adorable--but you better keep him locked away whenever you have gay buddies over to visit--they won't be able to keep their hands off him!!

  9. Patti Says:

    Ryan I was so tickled at what you said about Cole but also meant to tell you i'm so proud of you for doing so well with rehab. Not everyone can do something like that. You are so "giving". :)

    Also please please try to come to Darlington in May. I would love to meet you IRL and hopefully Mikey too.

  10. Truthspew Says:

    A lot of the good looking are terminally shy. I think it's natures protective element. Had I known what I had when I was younger I'd certainly be dead today.

  11. D-Man Says:

    It's a wonderful thing when you can make a difference in someone's life like that. I'm proud of you!