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Well damn Friday already and I didn't get 2 cover half what I wanted 2. Oh well I will get around 2 it with working a real job now I need 2 fit blogging in. I did want 2 go over a few things first off my Mikey is sick with the flu no school 4 him today I am keeping him home and takin care of him. I hate when he is sick I don't like seeing him like that. The other night we met are next door neighbor his name is Cole he is str8 but I won't hold that against him haha he is cute 2! He is new in town and he is open minded said he didn't have anything against gay people at all I was gonna tell him about this blog but decided not 2 that way I can talk about him and how cute he is without him feeling uncomfortable. We had him over 4 dinner and some talk it helps also he is a Nascar fan. Also I got the reports in yesterday for the ads on this blog and wanted ya'll 2 know that in December u set a boys are ugly record almost 600.00 dollars was made from ya'll clicking on the ads and buying stuff. The money will be spilt up and given 2 The Matthew Shepard Foundation, Human Society, Peta, Hrc and Pflag so good job people. I just want 2 make it clear that we never keep any of the money made from this blog I feel I am doing something I like and helping as I go. One last thing next week I will get 2 that email I was sent also next week I will be letting ya'll know who I am supporting for President there will be an ad put up on this blog for that person. Ok well I am gonna go take care of Mikey I might post this weekend if I get a chance.

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  1. Uncle Gerry Says:

    Sorry Mike is sick but I just know you love playing naughty nursie. Take good care of him and give him a hug for me, love to you.

  2. elise Says:

    Get better soon, Mikey! And Ryan--please be careful--you don't want to get sick!

    big hugs to both of you...

  3. Lewis Says:

    So, who drew this drawing of you on the post today? Nice artwork. Everybody stay safe and warm. And excellent work on the $$$.....

  4. Anonymous Says:
    Ohh WOW, I really hope Mike gets well VERY soon. With your love and care, I know he will be back on his feet *or knees* ;o) in no time! OMG, WONDERFUL blog work!! I'm so proud of you for donating to such wonderful organizations. I'm so VERY proud of you! :o) Have a great weekend & FEEL BETTER Mikey!

  5. Carl Says:

    I think it is great that you donate the money to great places.

    Stay warm in West Virginia.

  6. Laurie Says:

    Uncle is being naughty. You know
    what, I really should go over there
    and make sure Mikey is doing good.
    You know, take his temp the way
    you're supposed to. With a
    Hey also, I ment what I said this
    morning and you tell Corey I said
    so too.
    If he reads this I want him to know
    that I love him very much and he
    knows that I want the best for him.

    I love ya boys!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Tell Mikey to get better okay? I heard that making love drives the flu away.
    It is a bit early to throw your support to a Presidential Candidate. I hope whichever one you pick they don't have balls and a penis.
    People who make 150,000 Dollars a year get a tax rebate but I get nothing. It ain't right! Asshats!

  8. Anonymous Says:
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  9. Troystopher Says:

    That is so awesome that you donate the money made on your blog to the organizations you do!!!

    I just discovered your blog today and I have added it to my blogroll.

  10. Martin Says:

    Sorry to hear Mikey's sick--hope he feels better soon!

    And you be careful not to catch the flu, Ryan...

    'cause then I'll have to come down there to nurse you both!