Stay Tuned

Were gonna take a few days off here and work out some details on what were all doing. We have 2 run down 2 Atlanta and maybe 2 Florida then back 2 West Virginia. Soon we will update ya'll on what were doing I think some of u will be surprised and then again some of u will already have it figured out.

Love 2 Ya'll!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I will be looking to hear what's going on. I'm sure Spring in West Virginia is a life inspiring time as everything wakes up from it's Winter's sleep. I pray that Saint Christopher will protect you as you travel. No matter where you guys end up as long as you're together happiness will insue. Hugs and more, Ed

  2. elise Says:

    What Ed said......and I am SMILING, cz I know you will be sharing happy news about the next chapter of my favorite love story....

    love you guys....

  3. Carl Says:

    There are only two options. You are moving to WV while Mikey finishes school or he is moving to FL. Ryan, give us a hard one next time. :-)

  4. Laurie Says:

    K' Baby Boys,
    I think I know where this is
    going. I love you both and you know
    it too.


    With BIGGER hugs and kisses to my

  5. Lewis Says:

    Good lord, you guys do more changing and moving and shaking and fixing and revamping and adding and deleting and traveling than anybody I know. And you know full well I love you to death. (And i also love that totally naughty and hot pic you've posted....and am still waiting for my own in my email inbox). Hugs.

  6. Anonymous Says:
    WOW! What a sexxxy looking boi! ;o)
    Have fun you two & good luck on your trips! Take care!

  7. Cheeky Says:

    Oh good news is always so fun!

  8. Patti Says:

    Okay I don't have it figured out but i'm hopeful!

  9. D-Man Says:

    Have a safe trip! :)