The Update

I just want 2 say thanks 3 ya'll for the love and support u gave us on our interview with Best Gay Blogs. It just shows me that we have the best readers and fans in the world. We are open 2 do any interviews on any blog just send us an email and lets us know that's all there is 2 it. If you have any questions that we didn't answer 2 satisfy ya on Best Gay Blogs just let us know and we will try 2 go a little deeper into that question.

Now onto what were doing. I moved up 2 West Virginia to be with Mikey so he can finish school. This is a big change for me but one I am more than willing 2 make. I think ya'll know how much I love Mikey and would move anywhere in the world 2 be with him. We have decided 2 move into a different apartment since this one has been broken into before. We are gonna spilt the rent but were looking at a nicer place on the other side of town. I am going today 2 look at it and if I like it Mikey said take it. It's in one of those apartment buildings that are in ever town so I am sure I will like.

Corey is staying with my parents in Atlanta they talked him into going back 2 school and finishing that and then maybe off 2 a college. They really took a likin 2 him but how couldn't anyone me and Mikey did when we first met him and him and my younger brother get along great there into the same stuff. I do miss him being here but I think it's best 4 him 2 finish his schooling and maybe learning a trade or something. We all can't be cute forever. Besides if he is there with my parents I know he will be safe and won't be hungry I wish I could help all the kids that have 2 runaway like he did but I can't but I do my part.

Mikey's Mom got me a job at the hospital helping in the rehab. It's only 2 or 3 days a week but that's good it will keep my Dad happy that I am doing something besides just out spending money. I don't mind working don't get me wrong just I never worked anywhere except at my Mom's place so it's kinda scary a bit. I know I will be fine I mean I like helping people and doing rehab I can help people get back 2 what they were before so I know it will be fine. The house in Florida we are keeping my parents decided the market not good 4 selling right now and we could use it as a vacation house.

I guess that about covers what everyone was wonder if I left something out just let me know. Oh I did forget 2 say it's fucking cold here and there calling for 1 to 3 inches of snow. Mikey said don't trust the wether guys up here they always call 4 snow but it never happens. Sometimes he thinks negative on things and just makes me want 2 bend him over my lap and oh never mind haha!!!!!

12 Responses
  1. Patti Says:

    So glad y'all have reached a compromise. I think living somewhere totally different from what you are used to will be good for you! Big Smile!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I'm not a smart man but I think it is going to get a lot colder and more snowy before it gets warm to stay. It makes us Northerners appreciate the Summer and not take it for granite. (Hoosier word) My Granny us't to tell how it snowed several foot deep every Winter when she was a kid. They'd half to walk to school several miles and warm up by the Pot Belly stove.
    I'm so happy for you guys. I think Ryan is a people person with a big heart and Mikey will keep him warm until spring. Ed

  3. elise Says:

    Ryan and Mikey: Wonderful heart is dancing...I just know you guys are going to be a success in this new chapter of your lives together!

    Sounds like a great plan for Corey as well--you all (or "y'all") have such big hearts--of course that includes Ryan's parents and Mikey's mom...

    big hugs and kisses..

  4. Laurie Says:

    :( I didn't want to leave you this
    morning. All went well with the
    doctor. I'm gonna make it j/k.

    Work was the pits but that's like
    any other day.

    Some funny things did happen though


  5. D-Man Says:

    Moves can be exciting. A chance to explore a new place, meet new people. Cool!

    Good luck with your new job. It sounds very rewarding.

    Good luck on your apartment hunt.

    And snow makes me feel like a kid again. I hope you like it, too!

  6. Carl Says:

    I knew it

  7. Polt Says:

    West By God Virginia, eh? You're up around my neck of the woods now. :)

    Yeah, it does get a bit cold up here, and you'll probably do more shoveling of snow than you ever wanted to, but as long as you're with Mikey, it'll all work out, right?

    Glad to hear you're both doing well.


  8. Uncle Gerry Says:

    I just love the fact you followed Mike to W Va so he can stay in school. It is so good to see you two making adult decisions and working things out. Have fun in the snow, the first year is all right, by the time Mike gets out of school you will be ready to give up the snow shovel and head back down to warmer climates. Hooray for the new adventures of Ryan and Mike!

  9. BIll Says:

    Good to see you guys back together. Love is very powerful and wish you guys nothing but the best. As for the local weather reports, be worried when they say a chance of flurries. I have had to shovel 10 inches of flurries.

  10. Lewis Says:

    Alright now, you boys....let's be careful with that bending over the lap thing. Even though that's probably what they do up there in WV.....oops, now I'm in trouble. Stay warm Email me sometime.

  11. Michael Says:

    You know I think you will do an AMAZING job with the rehab patients :) I know that it's kinda scary to shift from what you were doing (I've done the same thing myself), but I betcha it's going to work out fine :)

    And congrats on the new place (well when it happens heh). I'm happy for both of ya!

  12. Tim Says:

    Never snows my ass! I left there after the winder ot 93/94 when i wades thru hip deep snow in minus 20 degree weather. I HATE THE SNOW!!!!

    enjoy! at least you have someone to keep you warm.