Mikey & American Idol

Wow I know a 2nd post from me in one day! Just wanted 2 say Mikey has a new post up go check it out. Also I'll be doing a post later this week on American Idol 7 and also on the new fox show Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles. The boy playing John Connor omfg he is hott!!!

6 Responses
  1. Laurie Says:

    YEAH! He is a hottie! Have you
    watched kyle xy? Matt Dallas!
    He's another!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I watched the Terminator show on sunday night and saw the Hawt John Conner. When deciding what to wacth on Moday night the hawt John conner made me watch him again, he is so sweet and cool! The Kyle XY clone guy is also real sweet. Ed

  3. elise Says:

    I checked out Mikey's post--the apartment looks great, especially the shower!!!


  4. Patti Says:

    I watched Idol last night, hard to predict the season right off but I hope it's more like the year before last and not last year. That was a snoozer!

    P.S. He is adorable!

  5. Lewis Says:

    cute boys, hot men, sexy this and sexy that. they're everywhere!

  6. Polt Says:

    I liked him better on Heroes as the cheerleader's little gay/emo friend.

    But it was nice to see him shirtless. And the new terminator guy, WAAAAY hotter than Ah_Nold could ever HOPE to be.