The Great American Race

You know I been open about pretty much everything in life on this blog from my health issues 2 my fight with depression. Now I need to vent just a little having a weak immune system just down right sucks. I know I have no right 2 bitch when there is people out there in worse shape than I am. But it just seems 2 me I have been dealt with a few more problems than most from the immune system to hearing problems lets don't forget the diabetes. I am just sick of it I really am! Yes I was disappointed I didn't get 2 go 2 the race but I know I need 2 take care of myself coz just like Mom & Mikey ya'll would be all over me for not doing so! hehe that's not a bad thing I'm just sayin and I love u 2! Anyway I am just sick of being sick so I am gonna stay home again today and rest and go tomorrow and Sunday then I promised Mikey & Mom I would go 2 Atlanta and see our family doctor.

Have a Good Weekend!

10 Responses
  1. Patti Says:

    Yes you can guard your health now and see the "big one" on Sunday! Feel better sweetie and it's okay to vent and complain. Having a weak immune system DOES suck!

  2. Uncle Gerry Says:

    Bitch all you want as long as you take care of yourself. You know we love you and Mikey loves you and your Mom, so just play safe, be well and enjoy the race on Sunday before heading to Atlanta for some TLC.

  3. elise Says:

    I agree with Patti and Uncle Gerry. You have a right to complain about your health, but make sure you do your best to take of yourself, even if it means missing out on some things you want to do.

    You have to keep fighting, because you are the only "you" there is, and you want to have the best life you can with your sweet Mikey!!

    big hugs.....

  4. Troystopher Says:

    If anyone knows what it is like to have a weak immune system its me, I so understand how you feel. I have more doctors then friends and I am in the hospital frequently in the last year! I send the biggest hug I can and hope you feel better so you can enjoy the race on Sunday! If you ever need to talk I am here!

  5. Laurie Says:

    Hugs and Kisses Baby Boy!
    I'm so glad you're staying home.

    We don't want to upset Mom or Mike
    and you know that it's about the

  6. jimm Says:

    I hear ya ryan, really. I figured this disabilities stuff, that's the hand you're dealt in the game of Life. it's the only hand you will ever get dealt. So play your cards carefully and wisely.

    But don't forget to have fun too!

  7. Tim Says:

    part of growing up is learning to appreciate your limits. It's all fun and games to push yourself to the breaking point until you realize you would hurt those around you by doing so. Be strong, what you have with Mike is better than any single event you have to miss out on.

  8. Jon Cox Says:

    Ryan, I say...LET IT ALL OUT!
    I'm real sorry you'll be missing the race but it will be for the best, just to be safe, in case thing were to get worse. Be safe, take care & get well SOON!!

  9. Java Says:

    I hope you are feeling a whole lot better now. Be careful, of course, but have fun!

  10. Aw :( I'm sorry you didn't get to go and I'm sorrier that you're not feeling well. Get well damn it :) I know that it's no fun for you either but know that I'm thinkin all sorts of good thoughts for you to feel better now! :)