Ryan info

Just wanted to let you know that Ryan is in the hospital. He went to the doctor this morning and they admitted him. Mike is on his way here now. I think Ryan just pushed himself to much this time. Me or Mike will let you know more as we know more. I just left the hospital a little while ago and he wanted me to let everyone know he would be ok. He ask for his laptop but he can't have it in the room he is right now soon as he can I will take it to him maybe everyone can leave him a message here to show him how much we care for him.

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  1. Patti Says:

    Get Well Soon Ryan and TAKE IT EASY. Don't make me come to FL or GA, they are not that far away!!!!

  2. Troystopher Says:

    Thinking about you Ryan and I hope you get well fast!


  3. Laurie Says:

    Thanks Corey!

    ON YOU NOW! What did I tell you
    yesterday? Baby Boy, please.

    I'm in tears now :`(

    there is a girl at the school I
    work at that says you have a hot

  4. Uncle Gerry Says:

    Thanks for letting us know, Corey.

    Ryan, you better take care of your self before me and Laurie have to come down there and tie you to the bed! Seriously, know we love you and want you back on your feet. Big hug and kiss.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Ryry, take care of yourself, I mean it. My BFF didn't take care of himself and now I've lost him forever. He had Diabetes and complications and lost weight until he was a skeleton. He wouldn't do what the doctor said and cussed me when I tried to help him. I should have made him take care of himself. Listen to your Doctor and let Mikey take care of you, he loves doing that. I don't care how many issues I have I still love you guys. I got sick too when my man Matt came in near last. Reed did real well and will do better next time. A big gay hug Ryan. Ed

  6. Tim Says:

    I hope you are getting frequent flyer miles out of the hospital! Get well soon and don't sweat it.

  7. jimm Says:

    Thanks for the headsup Corey. Ryan, hope ya get ur batteries recharged soon! Reed did good!

  8. elise Says:

    Thanks for letting us know, Corey.

    Oh Ryan, sweetie--I am very upset to hear that you are back in the hospital. I am sending you all of my strongest prayers and get well wishes and love---

    I won't yell at you now about not taking care of yourself--I'll wait until you are better and back home with Mikey and the new puppy.

    I know that are miserable there in the hospital--just hold Mikey's hand and look at his loving face, and you'll get through this!

    big hugs to you and Mikey...

  9. Carl Says:

    Ok, since no one else is going to say it, Ryan, stop being a dumbass and take care of yourself. You know better. With you not taking care of yourself, you affect so many others.

    All that being said, I hope you get better soon and get home to West Virginia.

  10. Java Says:

    Ryan, please get well real soon. I know there are lots of people with you now who love you a lot and will help take care of you.

    Let them take care of you!
    I was afraid you might be getting sicker than you thought. I'm glad you are in the hospital now just because there are specialists who can help get you well. I am not glad you are sick, though! Please get better soon.

  11. Polt Says:

    dammit, I was worried about this. Flu is nothing to fool around with when it comes to him. The flu damn near had me off my feet for a four days a lil bit back I worried about what it'd do to him.

    You tell him Uncle Polt said to do EXACTLY as the doctors tell him and to rest. We're pulling for him!

  12. I know that you'll be well sooner than you think (if ya listen to your doctors and your mom and Mike hehe:)).

    You're an amazing guy Ryan. I know that you'll bounce back quickly.


  13. Martin Says:

    There must be a lot of hot doctors in that hospital, 'cause why else would you keep going back there?!

    Get better soon, Ryan.
    If love is a cure, you should be well really soon, from all the love you seem to be getting from everyone here.

    Thanks for the update, Corey.

  14. gomad.ch Says:

    Ryan, I wish you a swift and fast recovery!

  15. Jon Cox Says:
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  16. Jon Cox Says:

    Thank you for the update, Corey.

    Ryan-Please GET WELL SOON!!

    I really wish he could have his laptop with him. I know, as soon as Mikey gets there, he will feel better and be home VERY soon! Be safe & take care!

  17. dit Says:

    Hope you get better soon, sending good thoughts your way. Take care. Big hug.

  18. Patti Says:

    Honey I hope you are doing okay, and I wish Corey or Mike would give us an update!
    Madison is sick here so i'm home again today but I wanted to pop in for a quick check.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Hope you get to feeling better soon. No one enjoys being trapped in the hospital.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Hope you're feeling better... hope to see you back in action on here soon.