Valentine's Post!

Mom took me to the doctor today oh I didn't tell ya she came down here 2 spend a few days with us. Anyway I'm not feeling well and the flu was running wild over at the track. My doctor gave me a shot and told me I should stay away from the track and a group of people. I looked at him and he could tell coz he said your not going to listen are you? I am like hell no it's the 50th running of the Daytona and I will be there! He ask me to please stay away from the 125's tomorrow but I don't know it I can. He also ask me to wear a mask when out in public to help cut down on viruses that are out there I tell ya having a weak immune system sucks ass! My cytokines th2 count is low for those that don't know that's what the hell that is it's antibodies and mine is low and can't fight off anything right now. This shit just sucks is all I been waiting for this race and now my body want's to let me down fuck this pisses me off so bad. Now I am fighting with Mom & Mikey and got Cole in the other ear.All I know is I'm going 2 the race and this post is my Valentine post for Mikey. I won't be able 2 post tomorrow coz I'll be at the track so Mikey Happy Valentine's Day! You know how much I Love You! Tonight your Uncle will be bringing your Valentine's gift over 2 ya. For those that are wondering what I got him well you will have 2 tune into his blog and wait for him 2 post about. Trust me he will post about coz it's gonna be so special he's gonna wanna tell the world about it!Mikey I Love You Happy Valentine's Day Babe!Happy Valentine's Day hope ya'll are as happy and in love as I am!
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  1. Patti Says:

    FIRST bitches!

    Ooh sorry I got excited, i'm rarely the first to respond. I hope you feel better sweetheart. I understand you not wanting to miss the races but please please please guard your health (Mom talking here - cant' help it!)

    I can't wait to read Mikey's post. You are such a sweetheart! I know it will be something awesome.

  2. Jen Says:

    Happy Valentine's to you too. Hope you feel better, i'm coming down with the crud too. Thanks for posting on my blog. Hopw you stop back again.

  3. Polt Says:

    I think you should listen to the doctor, your mama, Cole, AND Mikey and stay away from the race. Can't you watch it on TV or something??? Isn't your health more imporant than one race, even if it IS the 50th running?

    Course, I already know all these answers. :) I don't suspect that I'm gonna be able to change your mind if all those people above can;t. So be careful and take care of yourself, sweetie.


  4. Troystopher Says:

    Feel Better Soon!


  5. Laurie Says:

    RYAN!!! I told you!

    Better listen to your mom, Mikey and Cole.

    Please :(

    I loves ya toooooo much!


  6. Java Says:

    Oh, I'm so sorry you are sick! What a bummer! So the big race isn't til this weekend, right? Why don't you sit out a day? I'm afraid if you go out tomorrow you might get so sick you won't be able to go out for the big race.

    My brother is the big Pepsi man there in Daytona. He gets all sorts of race perks, like I don't know what because I'm not a racing fan. But I know his wife got to ride in the car with Matthew McConaughey a few years ago when he was the big celeb, whatever they call that. Grand Marshall? I dunno.

    Take care of yourself darlin'. You are the only you we have.

  7. elise Says:

    Oh, Ryan---I have to join the chorus in wishing you would listen to everyone's advice, and put your health first.

    Of course it sucks, but you have something far more important than a car race---you have your Mikey back!!! You have to try and stay healthy to enjoy this most precious gift!

    Well, whatever you decide, Happy Valentines Day to you and Mikey--my favorite real-life "Love Story"!

    Big hgs and kisses....

  8. Lewis Says:

    Ah, shucks....I hate to hear that my buddy isn't feeling well. Again, as usual, I wish I were closer. You know I'd do whatever I could to help you feel better.

  9. Martin Says:

    Happy Valentine's Day, Ryan!

    Be careful...don't let those nasty germs catch you. Maybe you could borrow one of the driver's racing helmets to wear to keep out those germs. haha