I'm Happy Down There

The pines trees grow so tall in the bright sunshine
Young boy steals his daddy's fishing line
Alligator lays on the banks of the river bed
And if you did not know any better you'd swear he's dead.

Now these are a few things I'm in love with
A small part of the reasons I go back
To Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, gorgeous Georgia
Now if you think I'm happy down there your on the right track.

Later from Atlanta!
8 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Ahh Spring! When Ryan's thoughts lightly turn to what Mikey's been thinking all Winter! Haha!
    I'm sure most things in the South are amazing. The farthest South I've ever been is Kentucky. Ed

  2. Patti Says:

    The South does have alot to offer, it gets a bad rap because of rednecks and narrow-minded people but they are everywhere!

  3. sillyboi Says:

    Aww the Beautiful South. Been here over 9 years and still dont wanna go back home to Indiana. But as I age so softly ;) more and more apart of me has a calling for home again. I find myself, drifting in and out of subconcsious thoughts of what would life be like back there. The b-day parties, family get togethers, and all of that. I got a taste of it in June/July of last year and it drives me to devour more. Aww yes the south has been home to be forever now, but its almost time to trace my roots back to where I once stood tall. Sure i'll miss all of my seedlings *friends* but I know that all of my wisdom and courage to stand on my own is still standing tall back home. Keep your head up Ry. Call sometime..

  4. Carl Says:

    I am in the South right now waiting to fly home from Savannah. If you have never been to Savannah, I highly recommend it. The Squares are great to see and the fountains are wonderful.

  5. dit Says:

    I have been to Florida, but never Georgia. It looks very pretty. I like warm places too.

  6. Troystopher Says:

    I personally love Georgia and South Carolina!!!

  7. Laurie Says:

    mmmmm.....peaches! I want me some
    There ain't nothing better than
    being in the south!


  8. jimm Says:

    Been to Fla and a bit of WV. WV seems alot like NY's Adirondack Mtns, home of my kinfolks.