What Happen at the Track

Everybody knows that one of the joys I get out of life is nascar. I went to school with a boy that all he did on the weekends was race even though I didn't know him well back then I knew what he did and I would follow him 2 races. I beg my Dad on weekends 2 take me 2 different tracks though out the south where he was racing so I could follow him. My Dad thought it was cool I guess I was being a boy. When he finally made it big we ran into each other and we become friends. I was on the swim team back then and he wanted me 2 teach him how 2 be a fast swimmer I guess racing even in swimming was in his blood. I didn't know back then he follow me in swimming and was even at some of the swim meets. It was cool we had so much in common besides racing. I don't get 2 see him as much as I would like unless I go 2 a nascar event. So ya'll know I go as much as I can.

This past weekend is no different even though I know it wasn't the smartest thing 2 do being I just got out of the hospital but I wanted 2 go anyway. We went Saturday and watch the race and hung out with my friend had a great time even though he didn't race in the Saturday race. We came home right after so Mom wouldn't worry. Sunday we went back 2 the race for the big race. For those that watched it can understand when I say the race sucked but that's another post. We walked around meet some drivers and had a great time. The race started and like I said it sucked. After the race I told my friend we had 2 get going coz Mikey has 2 head back for work and school. He told me he would call me today and we would hang out before he leaves for Bristol. We were headed 2 our car when I heard from behind me hey faggot what are you doing here? I turn around and there was a group of guys I went 2 school with walking behind us.

There was five of them I told Mikey just forget it let's not get into a fight here. Besides there was 5 of them. Mikey wasn't happy but he bit his lip not 2 say something back. But they kept up calling me names and I knew Mikey was getting pissed. These boys were the same group I had troubles with in school and I knew they would fight I had been jump by them before. I told Mikey please don't say anything were out numbered. They kept up calling us fags, queers, cocksuckers you know the type. Finally I seen a police man standing there watching the crowd. I told Mikey lets walk up 2 him. So we did I told him that group of boys are harassing us and could he help? He ask what was going on and I told him they were calling us names and that I have trouble with them in the past were they ended up jumping me. I told him I was gay and they hated me. I ask him if he could walk us 2 our car or call someone who could. I also told him my Dad was an agent and I could get someone 2 help if he couldn't. He said I am here 2 protect and serve I will see you get 2 your car safe.

He walk us 2 our car and I told him thanx so much. He said them boys are just scared. I said scared from what? He said scare of the unknown. He said they are feared from the unknown and have stupidity from there upbringing. Maybe he is right I don't know all I know is if they had a chance they would have jumped us. It's a shame when one of the things I love the most gets tainted like that. In my home state in my own backyard. I am not sure I will ever go back 2 that track and I know Mikey was upset coz he knows them boys hurt me and he couldn't do anything 2 stop them. It just sucks that after all this time people still have 2 pick on other people just coz were different. I just want 2 say a special thanx 2 the Atlanta police officer that help us. Well I'm safe now I am in my room just it makes me so damn sad.

Confused in Atlanta!
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  1. Java Says:

    I checked in this morning to see if you were OK after going to the races this weekend. I got more than I bargained for! As did you and Mikey at the track. I am so glad the police officer was understanding and willing to do his job for you. Some wouldn't, I'm afraid. And he's probably right, the idiot boys are afraid of you because you are different. I'm sorry you had to go through that. I hope that group of boys gets a clue real soon.

    Other than that, how is your health? Did you get too tired or anything by going to the races? I send you my "continue healing" best wishes and prayers.

  2. Uncle Gerry Says:

    I am sorry you had to experience that at one of your favorite venues, it seems like stupidity is still rampant in those unwilling to learn. You and Mike handled it correctly by going to the police officer. Never pick a fight when you are outnumbered, not good for your health. I know Mikey wanted to kick some ass but it is better to save your own than kick others. Don't let it get you down, you have more than enough people who love and support you and those nimnuls will pick the wrong fight one day and maybe live to regret it, karma works in such mysterious ways, you know. take care of yourself and get better so you can return to the love nest with Mikey. ((((HUGS))))

  3. jimm Says:

    Wow, you guys did the right thing AND got the correct response from the police. That's awesome. Fights arent jus fights. They are assaults. And someone could easily pull a knife or gun. It's not worth the risks. Don't be sad, be proud!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    It makes me so mad to hear about what happened Ryry. Leave it to a bunch of creeps to turn a great time into a bad day. These guys are bigots and I'll bet they're racist too. They don't have the balls to call a black man the N word so they found somebody else to pick on. You have to feel safe in your own racetrack. Maybe your dad can hire some muscle for a while to go with you. It is sad that it came to this but it is not your fault. don't let them ruin NASCAR for you. I know Reed likes you to be there for him. I so much want you to be there when he wins a big one. I know you're helping the Matthew Shepard foundation support anti-hate laws. If I had any money I'd send them some too. Stay well Ryan, remember living well is the best revenge.

  5. elise Says:

    Ignorance and fear make for some dangerous bigots, so I am very glad you handled it the way you did. And thank goodness for the decent cop!

    I hope you won't let a few assholes keep you from enjoying your Nascar, especially in your hometown--you can't let the bastards win!

    And how's your health today?

    Extra hugs for you and Mikey, and also for that nice police officer!

  6. Patti Says:

    Honey that makes my BLOOD BOIL. You let that shit happen in Darlington and I will be jumping somebody's ass. I've been in plenty of racetrack fights and never lost one yet.
    Bravo to that Policeman,he sounds like a very VERY wise man.
    Take care of yourself sweetheart and don't ever EVER let the haters get you down.

  7. Laurie Says:

    My Baby,
    You did the right thing. That
    officer is right. Those boys are
    also probably jealous of you
    because you're you and they can't
    be themselves. I'm really proud of
    Mikey too for biting his lip. I
    know it's hard to do.
    I love you both very much!


  8. Tim Says:

    well I'm glad you handled this properly instead of starting a big fight and getting in the hospital again. sometimes you can't confront everyone you want to or need to, but just protect your interests until you can. or, maybe they'll learn on their own. I think they were just looking for weak prey and they thought they could get away with it. kudos for handling this well!

  9. Troystopher Says:

    If I was there I would have started something... You guys are better men then I am. That is the one thing I can't tolerate and have no problem fighting over. Glad you made it out ok, I wouldn't want anything to happen to you!!!

  10. Polt Says:

    Well, at least the cop was openminded and helpful.


  11. WAT Says:

    Yeah, a powerful and sad story. Sorry to hear you were harassed this way, but it is true, ignorance is still alive and well in America.

    I'm glad the officer was cool about it and helped out. WAS HE HOT?! LOLOLOLOL!