A Bright Light

Even though my friend blew his motor at the start of the race and was in a wreck in Saturdays nationwide race I still had a awesome weekend. I am on cloud nine right now and I don't want 2 come down off it. Yes there is a boy involved. I didn't want 2say anything until I was sure he liked me also. I met him while I was gone the 2 weeks and I will tell all about that soon. His name is Austin and I have this feeling in my tummy about him and he finally told me he felt the same about me. I need 2 address the issue of Mikey and me. I will always love Mikey he was my first real true love and I think I was his and we tried 2 work things out but we knew we were fighting a losing battle and we both agree it was best we go our separate ways. It hurt hell it hurt a lot and it coz my 2 week of being gone from this blog. I know in my heart it was best for both of us and we agree on it I will never speak ill of Mikey and will kick anybody's ass that does like I said I will always love him I just know now we weren't meant 2 be together.
I am in Florida now and must say I am very happy here. Austin will be here tomorrow and Corey and my Bro this weekend I can't wait. My Mom is happy that I am happy she still sending family members over 2 check on me she didn't think I was ready 2 come back here alone but I needed 2 and I feel good. Let's see what can I say about Austin he is beautiful I will get a pic of him of us together on here soon. He is like 6' maybe 150 and so freaken hot! I still can't believe he likes me. I think omg I am not even in his league he tells me I'm silly that I am in anybody's league I just feel like that but ok don't matter he likes me. Anyway he don't know about this blog I haven't told him yet so I should tell him before I start talking about him or maybe not tell him so I can talk about him and get ya'll advice hehe. I am gonna get a part time job also I think I'll go back into the rehab field I liked that a lot and being a swimmer I think I am just good at doing that. Besides I love helping people I guess that's it for today Austin will be calling soon hehe. I can't wait!
Later from Florida!
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  1. Uncle Gerry Says:

    I knew there had to be a boy involved, can't wait to see the pics of you two together. Glad things are looking brighter for you, love and hugs.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    A guy named after the capital of Texas has to be big.Haha. I'm glad you had a good time at Telladega. My guy didn't do so well either. That is a beautiful house. I am sad it didn't work out between you and Mikey but happy you guys will always think highly of each other. Hugs a bunch.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Damn it! I keep forgetting in my old age that I have to add my name to the comment. Ed

  4. Patti Says:

    VERY happy for you (and yes, I, too knew there had to be a boy involved!). As for Mike, maybe you aren't meant to be together now. Maybe your time will come later. Or maybe your time truly has passed. Accept it for what it is.
    I am still voting for Re_d in the Chex Most Popular Driver contest twice daily (work & home)!!! Are you coming to Darlington next week???

  5. elise Says:

    My sweet Ryan: As long as Austin treats you right, then you have my blessing!

    But, I think you should not tell him about your blog just yet. You still need to be able to freely express yourself on the blog, without worrying every time you want to share a thought about this new relationship. This blog has been an important outlet for you.

    You know I also wish Mikey nothing but happiness, love and success in life. I prayed very hard for the 2 of you to work things out, but only if it was going to be good for both of you.


    big hugs.....

  6. Laurie Says:

    K' since his name is Austin you
    have to bring him here to meet me.
    He has to meet my standards.

    I love you so very much Baby Boy!!



  7. Java Says:

    Well I'm really glad you and Mikey are on good terms,and both agree that it is best to not be together now.

    Where in Florida are you? Good luck! I'm excited about Austin!!!

  8. Carl Says:

    I hope you have found internal happiness first and you are not getting your happiness from the new man.

    I am glad things are looking better for you.