Fairy Tell Story

I was told Austin was coming in today much 2 my surprise I had a trick played on me. My neighbors ask me 2 go 2 this drag show last night they had an extra ticket. They were in on the surprise also along with Austin and my Mom. Anyway we went 2 the drag show they had 2 drive so I was like ok. We were at the show I met some really cool people and even one guy who reads this blog and I thought that was really cool. We were in Sarasota and for those that don't know that town don't have but 1 gay bar I think and this show was at a theatre so that's why it caught me strange someone say they knew the blog. Anyway my neighbor kept getting phone calls and I wonder why the show was over we stood around and bullshitted for a while and I was like I want 2 go home Austin will be here in the morning and I was tired. They all said lets go 2 the club and get a drink I am like I don't want 2 but they talk me into it. We were there maybe half an hour and my neighbor gets a call and all the sudden he said we gtg. I am like I'm not finish with my drink and he said well down it we gtg I am thinkin how rood so off we went and home thank the lord. I got home and was settling down 2 watch a movie when the door bell rang I was thinkin if this is the neighbors I am gonna blow a gasket. I open the door and Austin was standing there holdin a rose and nothing else on naked on my front door with a rose askin if I missed him? I was like boy get in here and let me show you!!!!!! I will leave the story right there as I try 2 keep this a clean blog as I can but your minds can finish the rest or send me and email and I'll finish the rest for ya! Yep the bug got me again! Ok were off 2 the beach!
Later From Florida!
5 Responses
  1. Patti Says:

    Yay for the lovebug! Nothing like it eh?!

  2. elise Says:

    So Austin already figured out that you love romantic gestures that are both sweet and hot----I'd say that he is off to a VERY good start with you!!!!

    I also say yay forthe lovebug!!!

    And we need some photos of the 2 of you--PG of course, but maybe one with a sweet kiss?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    When I read the story I thought Austin was going to be in or at least at the theater. So he knocked on your door standing outside naked? Damn, why doesn't anybody do stuff like that in my neighborhood? Feel free to e-mail with pictures and any more details you like. Hey, I'm a lonely old guy. I promise I can keep a secret and your trust. Ed

  4. Laurie Says:

    How sweet. When do we get to meet

  5. Java Says:

    Very sweet! You are a passionate young man, Ryan. Lucky is they guy who wins your heart.