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Sometimes I feel I preach one thing and then do another. I was preaching about porn and doing xtube and how wrong it is. I came down hard on this one kid and I am no different than him. I know your wondering what the hell is he talking about. Well it's like this at one point and time in my life I took nude pics of myself and traded pics with other guys now I wasn't old enough at the time but ya know how it is cant stop a kid that wants 2 do something. I did more when I got old enough and it came 2 a point I would only give them out 2 people I totally trusted. Well yesterday that trust I gave somebody was broken. I am not gonna say names coz they know who they are. Somethings he could explain but not all of it. So I just cant believe all I was told about what happen and why this boy let this happen. It goes back to an old post I wrote about trusting people. I but very little trust into people in the first place and if I do seems like I always get burn. Don't get me wrong until someone hurts me really bad I still like you just trust is earn and only takes one person 2 rip down all the trust I have.
Later from Atlanta!
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  1. Troystopher Says:


    If you need to talk or anything at all let me know!

  2. Laurie Says:

    My Sweet Baby..... comes back to bite ya
    in the ass. I know what ya mean.

    I loves you and you better know
    that cause you know what will happen if you don't.


  3. elise Says:

    I know that being wronged by someone you truly trusted is really, really awful--it kicks you right in the gut. I wish I didn't know how that feels---and of course I wish you didn't have to go thru it.

    I know it makes you second-guess your judgment of people, and you're not so quick to trust the next time. Maybe that's ok, at least as far as waiting until someone has shown they are trustworthy.

    Sending you big hugs.....

  4. Anonymous Says:

    My dearest Ryan, How could you ever forgive me, knowing i betrayed you. I will not understand. Nor will I pretend to understand. I only offer you the very food i eat and the air i breathe, just as a repayment for all tht you have done for me. I would lay my life down a thousand times just for you. Secretly i have lusted for you, for a while now, desired to have what u have ailments in all, just to walk a day in your shoes. To love you i would do anything. I would do anything to be with you but that isnt the half of what I feel. I can not nor will I try to make it or put it into words in anyway. I will just fumble for them and I will not manage to get anywhere with it. But know I thank you. Thank you for opening up my eyes and making me believe there is at least some good still out there.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I seem to remember that when I first came to your site a few years ago there were lots of naked pics of cute guys from some sort of a road trip. After that first visit, all those pics disappeared and the blog took on the format it has now. I think you made a good choice pulling them off the site.

  6. Patti Says:

    It is sad when someone breaks your trust. It really is a fragile bond. I'm so sorry this happened to you honey.

  7. Java Says:

    It can be hard and painful to learn life-lessons. It is a continual process, learning how to trust, who to trust, and what not to trust, when to trust and when to wait. It's like learning how to hold a hot poker!
    Blessings, dear Ryan. and (((((hugs)))))

  8. I hate when you find out you've trusted someone too much...

    Cool blog, well written - this is going on my Favourites list :)