Beards, Nextel, Laurie & Helga

I try 2 bring things 2 the table maybe someone is feeling what I am feeling so maybe it might help them. I am having some issues with the gay community mainly the gay community that's in the public life. Not gays that are out and proud but ones that know what they want but are scared it will hurt them if they are seen with other guys. Now what pisses me off is these guys that are famous that either hire a beard or uses one and the poor girl don't even know. Oh for those that don't know a famous gay or any gay I guess will have a women as cover his being gay and we in the gay community call them beards. Anyway this pisses me of 2 know end. When you know that a gay is guy and he has his beard on his side just incase of a tv shot just pisses me off. What's sad is the beard is hired by his agent just 2 him in closet more and more. Whatever!

Oh for those that have tried 2 call or im well let me explain what happen I got mad at someone I was talking 2 and threw they the damn thing across the house. Well it didn't turn out well so Dad got me a new one Friday and I have been having issue with it. I am gonna try 2 get down 2 nextel today and see if they can get it 2 work right. I have 2 have a nextel for the walkie talkie thing on it I keep up with some friends that way that have it. The weekend I didn't do anything fun just slept tried 2 get myself healthy again so I can get my ass back to the south. Laurie got a little friend on her blog she calls Helga she has had her all over Texas and the school she works for and I was reading some on her and a few readers was askin what she thought about like mailing it 2 one person like me and I take pics of Helga and differt things in my town and then I mail it 2 the next and they do the same and this keeps going until Helga gets back 2 her home with Laurie. Course we post the pics on our blogs and we could all see what Helga has got into from week 2 week. I love this idea but we need 2 wait 2 school is out and ask Laurie what she thinks of this idea.

What do ya'll think about it?

Later From Atlanta

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  1. Carl Says:

    I think the idea is great. The last person needs to tell the readers the next blog location so we can follow.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I think a good idea also could be from place to place she is sent a post card could be picked up and either sent back to Laurie letting her know what Helga is doing or send the post cards along with Helga to the next person until it gets back with Laurie and she would have them to treasure. Just an idea. Hope this happens would be nice reading where she shows up every week.


  3. Laurie Says:

    Ryan, she doesn't have to wait till
    the end of school. She wants to go
    to you first because she wants you
    to take her to the boys bathroom.
    Let me know!

    Glad you're doing better and just
    know that I LOVES YOU!!!!

    OH! One of the boys at school says
    Corey has a HOT bod and you are
    just HOT! (Eric of Eric and Roderick)

  4. Java Says:

    I like that idea! Helga could take a summer vacation and travel all over the country visiting bloggers.

    Ryan, I know what you mean about gay guys who try to hide their orientation. The more people try to hide, the longer it takes for everyone to accept glbt people.

  5. Diederick Says:

    "Beard" doesn't refer to facial hair as being a way to cover up sexuality, is it? 'Cause I quite like a stubble.

    Anyway, I hate exactly the same you do, though I think it is nescessary to remain realistic. For instance, I am absolutely confident that Ryan Phillippe is gay, or so I tell myself, but he keeps dating girls.

    I hate that.

    Anyway, your blog is cute, it is now on my blogroll :)

    Life is short buddy, don't rush it, take it easy.

  6. Patti Says:

    I would definitely host Helga. She might find my life/town a bit boring but i'd love to read about her adventures as well!

    P.S. About the beard thing. I agree totally. I have a cousin who, when I met her husband pegged him instantly as gay but thought "none of my business". She was pregnant with their first child etc. Well now after two kids and 16 years of marriage he has finally came out. I am happy for him, I like him alot and i'm sure it is liberating for him but it has been hell for her and the kids and some other members of his family. It all boils down to "be true to yourself".