Sweet Home Alabama

Well we made it to Talladega all safe and sound. They men are out sitting everything up haha men whatever just coz they carry guns they think there men haha! Better them doing than me I say. I woke up 2 early this morning or something not feeling all charged up. Don't worry I'm not sick just tired. I haven't seen my friend yet I am gonna go out 2 the track later I know how 2 get a hold of him just takin things slow. I don't know why Dad and his gang always picks this track 2 come 2 all the crazy stuff that goes on here sure anit a place 4 kids that's for sure. Mom says Talladega is like Vegas is what happens there stays there. Unless your name is Ryan then I will tell all! haha! When I get down with this weekend and get back 2 Florida I will be having some really good posts so make sure you check them out they will shock some of you the missing 2 weeks.
Cool shoes don't ya think?
Later from Talladega!
7 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Guns? your peeps have guns? I sure hope they don't accidently shoot Matt Kenseth's wife. That would be a shame.
    Those are great shoes, Ryan. They look very comfortable, too.
    If you get the chance, tell Matt that if he wants to give in to his bi-curious side I promise it will be our secret. What does his wife have that I don't? Oh yeah, I mean besides those. Recap: Have a great time. If Matt becomes a widow I know I can console him. What happens in Talladega stays in Talladega. I hope R.S. has a good race,too. Ed

  2. Laurie Says:

    They won't let me have a gun :(
    I bought one back in like 1991 and
    my parents found it and took it
    from me. They knew I was gonna
    shoot one of my ex's.

    You better call or I will have your
    friend sit on you and tickle you
    for me. Josh has a concert at UNT
    Saturday! Wish him luck!


  3. Tim Says:

    well have fun but stay SMART. no reason to have a repeat of your last excursion out!

    later gator

  4. Martin Says:

    My guess would be that your Dad & his gang pick that track because of all the crazy stuff ! :)

    Have a fun weekend, "Racing Ryan" !
    (I call you that 'cause of those "sporty" shoes...haha)

  5. Patti Says:

    Some day I am going to make it to Talladega and Bristol. Those are two Tracks I really want to come to. I've been to Atlanta :)

    I'm voting for your friend every day as the Chex Most Popular Driver!

  6. Chuck Says:

    Holy God you were not kidding about the badass RV, Ryan. That looks like a beast...and remember, when the trailer's a rockin', don't come a knockin!

  7. Sh@ney Says:

    Ahhh guns can be fun, if they are loaded with water...:P

    Nice shoes!

    Hope you have fun!