Advice Part 2 & More

First off let me say thanx for the advice on this topic. I also want 2 say I had 2 remove a couple comments 1 for trashing me and 1 for trashing one of the commenter's. Look panhandle bob may have been a little harsh but I also think he is entitled 2 his opinion I did ask for advice and he gave his even if the words were a little harsh I do know where he was coming from. Please people when I ask for advice give it from your heart that's all I ask and let's not hate on each other we are all entitled 2 are opinion if we all agreed all the time this place would be boring.

So all those that said I should mind my own business on this matter advice taken! That's what I am gonna do I am keeping my noise out of it. Mw and Austin talked about this all day yesterday and the boy was pretty clear when he spoke with Austin he was fine. So we have 2 take it as that and leave it alone. I have 2 be honest this bothers me a lot but I know there is nothing I can do. I do think there is more 2 the story but again it's none of my business. Austin went down yesterday and talk 2 the boy and just offer an ear if he needed 2 talk and from that we are gonna leave it alone.

Work is been going good a little slow but that's ok with me gives me more time with Austin. So what plans do any of u have for the holiday weekend? We were invited up 2 Charlotte for the Coca-Cola 600 weekend but we haven't decided yet. I know I am running out of time if were gonna go I am thinkin about passing on it and hit another race later this year. I haven't been feeling 100% and I'm scared if I get around a group of people I'll end up sick again. Maybe we should just stay home have a Memorial Day cookout with a pool party. Let me know what your plans are.

Later from Florida!
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  1. You are probably making a wise decision in keeping out of it. If he enlists your help - that is a different story.

    You didn't come to Darlington, humph you needn't go to Charlotte LOL (kidding)!

  2. Ryan Says:

    hehe so true patti so true!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    My advice is to stay home and have a cookout and lots of sex. You can catch Matt Kenseth later in the year when he finds a way to win again. Would it be illegal for him to put a Toyota engine in his Ford car? Ed

  4. Carl Says:


    No matter what you are in a tough situation.

    What about the neighbor of Josef Fritzl who heard strange sounds at night but did nothing?

    In today's world so may people are sheep and stand back and do nothing. When someone wants to stand up and do something, they are told it is none of your business stay out of it. A sheep pushing their views.

    At some point it is nice to see someone acting strong wanting to make a difference.

    Ryan, it is your life, do what you think is right.

    I don't know what the answer is to the situation but I do know that no matter what, it is not right. The person really doesn't know any different, it is what he learned to survive.

    What happens when the guy gets a few years older? Is is still going to be living in that house? When he gets older in the gay world, he is not going to be as attractive and no one will be there to take care of him. Then what. Yeah, don't get involved.

    I guess I should say F.U. Ryan for being a person who wants to make a difference. F.U. Ryan for having a heart and truly caring about people. F.U. Ryan for having your own opinion.

    I really don't care what other repondents will say to my comment, but I for one will never fault a person for wanting to help. How can you be wrong for wanting to help. The real question should be how.

    Ryan, please don't change who you are or how much you care about others.

  5. Man With Houseboy Says:

    Can I come? I'll bring my houseboy. He's well-trained. While we're partying he can be cleaning your bathrooms...I'll just order him to do it...although he may scribble "help me" on your mirror in lipstick, he's been known to do that. What a kidder, LOL! Oh yeah he's a little jokester, alright. Although...sometimes he does write it, "Hlepp em" because he doesn't spell very well, but you get the idea.

    And, he doesn't eat much (I see to that!) so you won't have to feed him even one burger.

    Oh, and if you ask me if I'm fucking him again? Well, you know what I'll do...I'll "give" him to you!!!

    Party? Hey, I'm looking forward to it!

    Your new friend,
    (You know who)

  6. elise Says:

    I think Ed's suggestion is excellent--and sounds like a great idea for all of us! Especially the plan for lots of sex! ;-)

    I would add---for this Memorial Day, let us pray that the Democrat who is sworn in as President next January brings our troops home from Iraq as quickly and safely as possible!

    Peace and love to all...

  7. Chuck Says:

    Hey dude, it's my first holiday since getting hired on salary (can you say paid time off and holidays?!).... I hope to just totally veg and enjoy the making-money-but-not-working aspect of things for the first time ever!

    Peace, be safe, and be true to your school :)

  8. Tim Says:

    listen to your body or pay the price

    have a good weekend

  9. Java Says:

    I missed the first round of advice earlier in the week. Been having internet connection issues. But I've read up now, and I (of course) have an opinion. Lots of good advice given so far. Not getting too involved is a good idea, though I suspect not the easiest thing for you. I really like that Austin went back and offered friendship and a listening ear. That is probably the best thing you can do for him now.

    I know that desire to help. Very well. That's why we have 6 or 7 young people living in our house. Yes, 7. We seem to have acquired another one, at least on a part-time basis.

    As for the weekend, I think lots of sex is an excellent idea. One should get an early start, too. Maybe do a bit of pre-weekend practice with the sex, too.