I need some advice

We had a wonderful weekend did some cooking out played in the pool and also played on the beach some also. All in all it was a awesome weekend we had 2 work yesterday and we both don't mind that hell I can say I love my job. There is an issue I wanted 2 talk about I am having a hard dealing with. There a guy who lives down the road from us he is like 40 and his new boyfriend is 20 now normally I don't care as long as they are over 18 they can sleep with who they want. They came down for one of are cookouts was the first time we met them heard things of course from other neighbors but first time they came. Anyway this is the issue I have the more they drank the more they became open with me and other neighbors. Not in that way get your mind out of the gutter haha. Really the older man was talking about this boy use 2 be a houseboy for a friend of his and this friend gave him 2 him. I am like what gave you this is a human people don't give people 2 one another. He said I didn't mean it like that I said well you said it. He them told me that this boy left home when he was 15 and moved in with this friend of his at 16 didn't finish school can hardly read or write and he said he was trying 2 teach him the right way 2 live. I ask him are you fucking him? I know it's a hard str8 forward question but I needed 2 know before I could go on. He told me yeah the boy is always horny I said yeah we are at that age. Then I said if your really tryin 2 help this boy you wouldn't be fucking him but getting him a teacher and teaching him how 2 read and write. But no your fucking him while your tryin 2 teach him about life I said only thing different than you and they guy before is you say your tryin 2 teach him life yeah ok! While I was talking with this guy Austin was talkin 2 the boy and Austin was telling me that this boy told him he was a houseboy. He told Austin he been a houseboy since he was 16 and didn't know how 2 do anything else so this is the life he was suppose 2 live.

I have such a problem with this and I really don't know how 2 deal with it. I personally think there is more 2 this boy something deep inside maybe something with his parents and him being gay. Austin couldn't get much out of him but he feels like I do also. I just don't think this a life for anybody a houseboy? That's like just saying a house whore and I don't think that's right. Any Advice?

Later from Florida!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I feel that the young man is in need of counseling. He must feel that he has no self worth at all. He needs to get professional help and to start taking schooling to help him read and write and then go on to college. The first step will be to convince him that he deserves to be loved for who he is and not just as a piece of ass. If the older gent really wants to help he will but I fear he likes things just the way they are. The young guy will need friends who care. Good luck all. Ed

  2. gomad.ch Says:

    I fully agree with Ed

  3. I think you are probably very right in your thinking and even if the boy is 20 he is being exploited. This makes me sad. At least he's got you and Austin trying to look out for him.

  4. Carl Says:


    Before you get more involved, I think you need to make sure you are 100%. Be sure you are ready to handle the fallout if you get involved.

    Who am I kidding...you are involved and you are going to do something to help no matter what advice you get.

    Before you move on this, and everyone knows you will, find out all the options for helping him.

    What the boy is doing is learned behavior, it is all he knows. Taking him out of that environment is going to be very tramatic for him.

    Really Ryan, advice...there is nothing that is going to stop you from getting involved and helping this guy. I know you have your mind made up on this.

    I wish more poeple in the world were like you.

  5. Panhandle Bob Says:

    In the first place, it's none of your fucking business. If you'd asked me whether I was having sex with a 20 year-old *man* I would have told you to fuck off and maybe thrown a drink in your face as I made my grand exit from that inquisition/intervention/barbecue. The younger guy is old enough to make his own decisions and not have Big Ryan come to his "rescue."

    You may not like their arrangement, and you may be offended that this guy was so taken advantage of when he was 16. Tough. It's none of your business.

    If you really think you can "help" this guy, and if you really want to, then befriend him. Once you and he have developed a relationship...AND YOU FULLY UNDERSTAND HIS SITUATION...maybe *then* you can offer him some friendly "advice" as to how he might realize whatever dreams or goals he might have.

    Ryan, you probably have pretty good intentions. I know you like to help people and you enjoy the role of Mr. Counselor or Mr. Healer or Mr. Savior or whatever image you have of yourself. But sometimes you just have to learn to butt out and let people live their own lives.

    No laws are being broken and nobody is being harmed here, except the couple from down the street are now saying, "We're never going to any parties at *that* nosy freak's house again! Christ, he was asking personal questions about our sex life!"

  6. Polt Says:

    I think Panhandle's words and tone are rather harsh, but I think what he's saying is pretty accurate. Make the guy your friend and actually find out the whole situation before you try to fix it. it may actually not need fixing.

    And really, the guy's 20. Unless the older guy is forcibly keeping at thehouse and not letting him leave, I'm not sure what exactly there is that you can do.

    be his friend, first and foremost, and then see if there's any need for you to become further involved.

    Although you have the best intentions at heart, I don't know that "doing" something about the situation without more info is the best thing.


  7. Tim Says:

    hmm when helping people in fucked up situations you have to be careful. My best friend in high schoool was a marine and was down in florida on leave. He saw a guy beating a girl with a baseball bat and so he jumped up and grabbed the bat and punched the guy. While he was fighting with the guy, the girl grabbed the baseball bat and hit him in the head hard enough to break his jaw. The moral of the story is people are fucked up.
    My advice is live the life that sets the best example, and if someone is having trouble they will know they can come to you for help. Getting involved in every situation will only weaken and depress you. just tell him that if he ever needs a neutral place to crash to let you know. That's really the best thing you can do. Most times people stay in horrible situations because they believe they have no where else to go. Your pity will only drive them away.

  8. jimm Says:

    I agree with Tim.

  9. BigBoyMark Says:

    Hey Ryan

    Its been a while since I posted a comment and hope all is well with you.

    As for your issue... I firmly believe you need to keep out of this and its for your own good. How would you like someone involving themselves in your relationship?

    Dont point fingers and say something you can swallow or handle later on. Its best kept to yourself!! PERIOD!!