Austin & Work

I met Austin in Atlanta he was working at a coffee shop. The chain he worked for was right across the street from my head doctor. I would always go early so I could get a cup of coffee and sit and watch the people that were going in and out of the doctor office. It help me somewhat 2 see I wasn't the only one with a messed up head. Anyway I went in one morning and he was there working and I was like damn what a fine boy. So I started going back after my doctor appointment just 2 see him. I started sitting inside just so I could see him and think damn I wish I could have him. Much 2 my surprise he was thinkin the same thing about me. The day he ask me for a date I was like why would a hot boy like this want 2 take me out? He tells me all the time I am cute and hot but I just don't see it anyway I said yes of course and we went 2 dinner and then a drive and then a hike. We talked like forever and I told him about what I was going thru and how messed up in the head I was and if he wanted 2 run I would understand. He told me he liked what he saw and he wasn't running anywhere. Well he did kinda he ran 2 Florida with me. That's how we met and I am happy 2 say I am very thankful for coffee!

A little on work and what we are doing. Austin transfer down here I told him I need 2 get out of Atlanta and my parents had this house for me and I wanted 2 be here. He said fine we would move 2 Florida and I was like u want 2 move a state away and move in with me? Live everything you know and your family and live with me? He said yeah why not? I said well we haven't know each other that long and maybe you won't like me after a few more weeks of course he said that won't happen that he would only love me more. Anyway I an getting off the story we moved and he was gonna go 2 work at the coffee shop and even went and got his hours and all. Then I went 2 this rehab center and talked 2 the about helping in rehab told them I did that kind of work before and like helpin people. They said they hire teams and all there teams are filled but need 1 more team to fill the rotation. I ask them how many makes a team and what did I have 2 do 2 start my own? They told me 3 people and one person had 2 be certified by the state or a nurse that was. There was this girl there that was also looking for a job and she was a nurse and needed 2 people for her team so guess what ended up happin? Yep me and her formed a team with Austin helping.

I decided also of going back 2 school 2 get state certified in rehab. So 3 days a week I am doing that and working also. We are helpin military people coming back from Iraq, that were injured. These guys & gals we are helping are heroes and need all the help we can give them and I fill honored. We work at different times in the day so I we don't have the same hours. With me going 2 school and Kelly that's the nurses name works part time somewhere else we have less time in then others but the best thing is we have guys that request only us and that makes me fill great. Even the head supervisor said we were a great team and in the 3 years the rehab has been open they never had people ask for any special team. Like I said I will go out of my way 2 help these military guys and gals I am very honored on what they were ask 2 do and did it. I know I could never and it takes special people and when there hurt I am gonna do what I can 2 get them back up again. Oh my Dad is very happy I am working and not out spending and that I am tryin 2 live on what I am makin tryin 2 go up. Anyway that's it for today sorry I was all over the board today my mind is going like 100 miles an hour.

Later from Florida!
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  1. Carl Says:

    I am glad you are working. The job will help you focus on other things and hopefully keep your mind busy too.

  2. Carl Says:

    One more things...moving in with someone you just met and work. You grow into the relationship together. I never wanted to move in with my BF as fast as I did, but we were forced into it by the car accident I was in.

    I am happy we did it.

  3. Uncle Gerry Says:

    You are just going a mile a minute there, but I understand your enthusiasm for both Austin and The Job. Thank you for caring for our Veterans as you do. I may steal your signs!

  4. elise Says:

    Ryan, sweetie---I am so happy, and proud of you, for your determination to get your life on a positive course---and to be helping others in the process!

    You have always had a big heart, and its so cool that you can know the joy again of helping others--and I know that is helping you feel better about yourself.

    It's time to share a complete picture of you and Austin (rated G of course)--the tummies are beautiful, but we also want to see your faces and smiles!

    big hugs....

  5. Tim Says:

    I'm really proud to hear that your doing the rehab work Ryan, it seems to be something you really shine and and I bet it's the empathy you feel with others that are hurt. Hope the schooling goes well and you get your certification real soon.

  6. You are doing great Ryan, going in the right direction! I'm so proud of you!

  7. Laurie Says:

    Sweet story Baby Boy! I'm really
    proud of you. You know that don't

    I love you!!



  8. Anonymous Says:

    Ryan you are such a great person. How could Austin help but love you. Helping our brave men from Iraq makes you my hero. Hugs and kisses, Ed

  9. jimm Says:

    Funny how one thing leads to another, huh? Perseverance, Ryan,perseverance.

  10. Martin Says:

    Glad to hear things are going so well for you, Ryan! The rehab job sounds like it is perfect for someone like you who has such a caring nature.

  11. Java Says:

    It is SO COOL that you are working with war veterans. I know rehab is really rewarding work, but to be doing rehab on heroes like that, WOW! You sound really good, like you are in a good place in a few respects. Congratulations, both to you and Austin on the great jobs and the great relationship.